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NORNN Corporation launches Thailand's latest Proptech startup “nornn.com”,

the first and only online platform for rental properties nationwide
 with innovative idea to help optimize property investment with ease
For the first time, credit cards are accepted for rent payment
with 0% interest for up to 10 months.

Bangkok – Proptech startup NORNN Corporation today introduced nornn.com as the online platform that will disrupt the market for rental properties with ‘Life’s Neighbor’ concept. In addition to a vast selection of properties available for short- and long-term rent, property owners can manage their listings 24/7 with ease while tenants can pay for rent by credit card, and not to mention many other features that will enrich rental and living experiences of both.
CEO Pavit Aksaranuwat of NORNN Corporation Co., Ltd. said, “Property is the fourth largest manufacturing sector in Thailand with the market demands currently on the high side. In particular, with the share of properties bought as an investment rising above 50%, an uptrend is being seen in the market for rental properties, too. Meanwhile, media consumption trends in Thailand are changing in favor of digital platforms: today’s Thai people spend an average of 6.4 hours per day on internet connected. We foresaw an opportunity to create a new ecosystem for rental properties by filling the gap in this market with an online platform that will provide easy, quick, secure and fair solutions to tenants and property owners alike. As the first Thai proptech (property technology) startup, Nornn.com is set to disrupt the Thai rental properties market with ‘Life’s Neighbor’ concept, paving way for sustainable growth of the Thai property sector with an approach corresponding with the national development policy under THAILAND 4.0 vision.”

Using offline-to-online (O2O) business strategy, Nornn.com bridges the offline and online channels together to help remove problems and offer better convenience to the property owners (Hosts) and the tenants (Guests). It serves as the web portal where short- and long-term rental properties nationwide, such as houses and condos, can be searched or listed on a high-standard site for easy, quick and secure management and fair prices. Because ‘home’ is where it all begins, nornn.com helps make the rental journey a breeze for both the Hosts and the Guests with ‘Life’s Neighbor’ concept based on a belief that they should be given the best choices for the fresh start of their new milestones.

“A dilemma in rental properties today is associated with the growing base of young people who invest in rental properties. Rental may not be their main occupation, but it can be a major source of income for them if they have the right assistant. Property owners who pursue another occupation often have no time to find their tenants, so they depend on an agent without direct communication with their tenants, or else they have to struggle with advertising and management of their rental properties on their own. Nornn.com emerges as the solution with its functions catered to the needs of Thai people, particularly person authentication. We build NORNN as the trusted community to let you live the life you want with ease. It is fully equipped with relevant tools, such as a rental report that gives each Host a record of rental transactions and total earnings from their properties. The Hosts receives their rent payouts via bank transfer, leaving them no fuss with cheque or cash payments,” Pavit explained.

According to Pavit, the key advantages of nornn.com are:
  • For Hosts nornn.com is the personal assistant to handle your rental management and boost your rental opportunity. It’s easy and free to join. As a Host, you set your own rates and enjoy worry-free listing service without unfair commission. A complete rental property management system notifies you when there’s a reservation request. HostPal feature allows you to assign another person to handle each rental transaction. Hosts also has the convenience of timely rental payouts and reporting.
  • For Guests nornn.com is the one-stop place to search for a rental property. For the first time, credit cards are accepted for rent payment with 0% interest for up to 10 months of installed payment, and no rental deposit is required. Guests have a vast selection of rental properties in various locations to choose for their short- or long-term needs without wasting time on the road. A lifestyle guide to each neighborhood introduce you to local dining places, hangouts, as well as art and cultural attractions according to ‘Life’s Neighbor’ concept.

nornn.com is targeted primarily at property investors as the Hosts and career people, students and expatriates as the Guests. Its marketing communication will be focused on online platform, using nornn.com and facebook.com/NORNNcorp as the key channels to present important information and details about property rental decisions to both the Hosts and the Guests. As a user-friendly online site, NORNN is easily accessible on laptop, tablet and smartphone with guaranteed security in every function. In addition to the web version, NORNN mobile app is being developed and will be released both for iOS and Android devices within this year.

“Listed properties on nornn.com vary from rents of 5,000 baht to 130,000 baht per month and includes as cutting-edge spaces as yachts. It will open up a new chapter of rental properties in Thailand with heightened standards and enhanced convenience. We are confident that our robust efforts to build awareness among the target groups will help drive rental properties on nornn.com to 10,000 listings this year with 500% growth expected in 2018. As a strategy for continued growth, the next two up to five years will see us expanding our target groups from individual Hosts and Guests to property agents and property developers. Geographic coverage of our rental property services will also be broadened, extending to cities that are blessed with the potentials of industrial zones, central business districts and work places, etc.,” concluded Pavit.

Discover the new chapter of possibilities around rental properties nationwide with easy, quick, secure management and fair prices at nornn.com.

Thai Proptech Startup “NORNN” To Disrupt Rental Property Ecosystem in Thailand

A new paradigm of community based on a trustworthy network will help you lead a life you desire with ease, because ‘home’ is where it all begins. With our extensive expertise and experiences in real estate management, NORNN brings together various selections of rental properties from credible ‘Hosts’. Whether it is a house, an apartment, a condominium or any authentic escape, we have vast selections of short and  long-term rental properties to offer to ‘Guests’ for a fresh start in the new ecosystem of rental properties that we created with ‘Life’s Neighbor’ concept.

As a Thai proptech (property technology) startup, NORNN will disrupt Thailand’s traditional market for rental properties by enabling property owners to assure optimum rental income no matter where they are, and assisting rental seekers to find their sought-after living experiences. NORNN provides an online multi-platform site so that you’re never more than a few clicks away to directly manage all your properties on your laptop, tablet or a smart phone. For the first time in the market, rental payments by credit card are accepted with guaranteed security in every function.

To be part of nornn community:


Pavit Aksaranuwat
Chief Executive Officer, NORNN Co., Ltd.

As the CEO of this Thai proptech (property technology) startup, Pavit Aksaranuwat combined solid experiences from his multi-industry career background with his indigenous expertise in real estate to introduce NORNN to Thailand as a disruptive online multi-platform site for rental properties with a unique concept of ‘Life’s Neighbor’.
Pavit is the youngest son of Pin and Saowanee Aksaranuwat, the founders of property developer group Siamnuwat. He started his career life in Thailand as Vice President responsible for new business development at Siamnuwat Co., Ltd. In addition to expanding penetration of the company’s real estate products and rental services to international prospects in Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries, Pavit was a key force behind the success of WISH Signature Midtown Siam, an ultramodern high-rise condominium with unparalleled views of Bangkok skyline and top-notch facilities for prestigious city living experience.

His work experiences expanded outside real estate when he joined Ascent Media Group in Burbank, California, U.S.A. As a market analyst specialized in digital business, he provided insights to company’s clients including Sony Pictures Television (SPT) and Paramount Pictures. Among other notable work experiences abroad, he was in the organizer team of Los Angeles Film Festival 2007 and used to be part of First Independent Pictures.

Pavit holds an MSc degree in project and enterprise management from the University College London (UCL), U.K., and a BEng (Hons) degree in architectural environment engineering from the University of Nottingham, U.K. With filmmaking as one of his interests, Pavit enrolled in Immersion Filmmaking Program at the Los Angeles Film School and also studied pre-production and production for film and television at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), U.S.A. Moreover, he is a graduate of the Academy of Business Creativity, Sripatum University.