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nForce Outlines Its Business Plans for 2017, Aiming to Grow Revenue by 15%, Expand Market Reach and Introduce New Offerings For All Segments

nForce Secure revealed its business plans for 2017, focusing on expanding market reach and offering new security products for all segments to address Thailand 4.0 policy. The company expects to increase its revenue by 15%. 
Bangkok, March 22, 2017 – Mr. Nakrop Niamnamtham, Managing Director, nForce Secure Co., Ltd. (Thailand’s leading distributor of security solution), revealed last year the company successfully attained its business goals with 12% growth in revenue. As IT security becomes more complicated, enterprises therefore need help from sales and technical support professionals. nForce Secure has a team of technical professionals who provide support to its partners and customers both locally and internationally. The company's well-trained staffs have achieved certifications for Asia Pacific region.

For 2017, nForce Secure  plans to expand its market reach and add new products to its IT security portfolios in order to satisfy customer requirements in each segment. The company is equipped with a team of support professionals who can provide 24/7 assistance or troubleshooting to customers. It aims to grow its revenue by 15% in 2017.

“We have added proven, cutting-edge products from leading security solution providers such as SOLUS (multi-factor authentication with behavioral biometrics, Eyeprint recognition and scrambled pin-pad), Menlo Security (cloud-based malware isolation technology), and Symantec, which recently took over Bluecoat and Data Locker and provides mobile encryption solution. We will mainly target security organizations such as military, police, and senior executives who need to protect important information.”

According to Nakrop, hot security products in 2017 will include security solutions for data centers, especially traffic visibility that enables the traffic to be analyzed and measured. These solutions address the requirements of data centers or businesses that use and/or provide cloud services, both private and public, with an increasing number of users.

This year, there will be significant changes in software market, especially for endpoint security, though there are not many changes during the last 5-6 years. As we can see, new players have entered the market, offering security solutions that can prevent new types of malware. Today, the competition becomes more intense with over 20 players in the market, as all devices --mobiles, desktops and notebooks-- need to be protected with endpoint security. At present, the most efficient solution for this segment is Next-Gen Endpoint Security solution, which can recognize and learn about users' behaviors and provide cross-platform capabilities for various devices including identity management. As cloud adoption is increasing, it becomes more difficult to authenticate users. Password-based authentication is not secure enough because passwords can be stolen. Therefore, accurate and sophisticated authentication techniques are needed. Customers may use two-factor authentication with token and biometric verification.
    “Each sector has been stimulated by the government's Thailand 4.0 policy, which encourages the use of digital technology for developing education, healthcare, agriculture and tourism, including Fintech, E-commerce and E-education. Meanwhile, it is important to leverage efficient security solutions for all elements including applications, infrastructure and networks. Also, there should be a data protection organization, which is responsible for monitoring and provides consulting services to public agencies and private enterprises. We get prepared for these initiatives by offering high-quality products and well-trained professionals to help all organizations achieve their goals for Thailand 4.0,” added Nakrop.

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About nForce Secure
nForce Secure is a leading supplier and channel marketing development of advanced information security solutions that enables organizations of all sizes to better leverage and control their investments in Internet and related Information Technology.
nForce Secure offers a full range of product and services including security infrastructure design; security assessments; regulatory compliance; development and implementation of data security policies; network, gateway and email anti-virus; email content management, URL filtering, wireless security, network identity appliances, intrusion detection services (IDS), user provisioning, network access control, log management and reporting. Our troubleshooting skills come from our vast experience with all types of networks and information security. nForce Security has highly skilled certified technical team. Technical team has various certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, CCIE, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CEH, MCSE etc.
For more information pls. visit: http://www.nforcesecure.com.