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MQDC Tackles Retail Business with WHIZDOM 101, Thailand’s First and Only Innovative Lifestyle Complex with Complete Digital Experience, Targeting 1 Billion Baht Revenue during the First Year

(From left to right) Mr. Visit Malaisirirat Chief Executive Officer of MQDC and Mr. Suttha Ruengchaipaiboon Executive Vice President of MQDC
  • MQDC is expanding into the retail sector, with its latest development on Sukhumvit road (near BTS Punnawithi station). Opening in October 2018, the complex is estimated to bring in 40,000 visitors per day and generate 1 billion baht revenue in its first year.
  • Developed under the concept of “Third Place”, WHIZDOM 101 aims to be Thailand’s first and most complete lifestyle complex, providing holistic facilities to meet all of modern urbanites’ everyday needs, including WHIZDOM Track (multi-level bike lane and jogging track) and more than 200 shops.
  • Creating a three-rai urban oasis, WHIZDOM 101 blurs the line between the indoors and the outdoors with gardens of native plants to improve surrounding ecosystem and a large lawn, designed to seamlessly offer visitors recreational experience and social activities.
  • In addressing the demands of the digitally-savvy generation, WHIZDOM App will enable customers to make reservations and purchases at their fingertips. The complex is also packed with conveniences available 24 hours.

     Bangkok, 30 March 2017 – Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC), a property development and owner of high-quality residential and mixed-use projects under the brand WHIZDOM, unveils Thailand’s first and only innovative lifestyle complex with complete digital experience at WHIZDOM 101. Boasting a comprehensive selection of shops and facilities along with a rare combination of technology and nature, the development aims to offer visitors a unique experience and fulfill modern urbanites’ needs for socialization, conveniences and well-being.
     After previously launching WHIZDOM 101, a 350,000-square-meter landmark occupying 43 rai on Sukhumvit road, Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, Chief Executive Officer of MQDC, shared his vision for the innovative lifestyle complex, the final part of the project to be unveiled, “The lifestyle of Generation Y, which is the current driving force of economic growth, is not divided into distinctive aspects of personal, professional and social lives. Therefore, it is MQDC’s responsibility, as a property developer that truly understands consumers’ needs, to respond to this generation’s unique lifestyle by improving its business plan and portfolio. That is why we have recently focused more on developing mixed-use properties in which residential, office and retail spaces are located within the same area, like a one-stop service for everyday lives.”
     “Urbanization also leads to the emergence of new communities and consumer groups which look for products and services that are not only original but can answer their needs more effectively. MQDC’s strategy to expand into the retail sector will strengthen the company’s property business by creating a new revenue stream from retail space rent, diversifying management risk and adding value to our residential projects. Additionally, the area around Sukhumvit 101 has an impressive growth. It is surrounded by a large number of residences, international schools and office buildings and there are more than 1.3 million people living within 10 km radius. With over 30 billion baht investment, MQDC believes that WHIZDOM 101 will be Thailand’s most comprehensive and innovative lifestyle complex. It is estimated to attract 40,000 visitors per day and generate 1 billion baht in revenue by the end of the first year,” said Mr. Visit.
     Mr. Suttha Ruengchaipaiboon, Executive Vice President of MQDC, said “Modern urbanites are busy and time-poor. Our everyday life is usually split between home, offices and huge air-conditioned department stores. We often forget the other aspects of life that are equally important. With the concept ‘The Great Good Place’ of WHIZDOM 101, the lifestyle complex is designed to be more than just a community mall but a place that elevates the living standards of Bangkok residents. It is where ideas are shared and relationships are fostered through wide-ranging activities, from dining with families, shopping with friends, exercising, watching a performance, relaxing, socializing or even seeking inspirations.”
     “Conceptualized as the ‘Third Place’ (our most frequent place other than home and office), 40,000 square meters within the innovative lifestyle complex at WHIZDOM 101 are allocated for various every day and recreational activities of modern urbanites. Whether you enjoy chilling under a tree or open-air workout, WHIZDOM 101 has all those spaces for you throughout the complex.”
     In order to stand out from other community malls and offer both tenants and consumers a truly unique experience at WHIZDOM 101, MQDC creates different zones for different lifestyle with the concept “Third Place: Fit – Chill – Dine – Shop”
1. Fit
With WHIZDOM Track, Thailand’s first ever multi-level 1.3-kilometer bicycle lane and jogging track whizzing around the complex and accessible from BTS Punnawithi station, biking and running enthusiasts can enjoy a seamless one-of-a-kind workout. Within the premise, visitors will also find a sports club/ health and well-being center, packed with full-service fitness facilities, a social lounge, a family area and Bangkok’s first beach-resort-style sky swimming pool.
2. Chill
Relax at WHIZDOM Park, vast expanses of three-rai green space spreading throughout the complex. This latest oasis of outer Sukhumvit area comprises of a rooftop farm, gardens that use native plants and practices that harmonize with nature, a large lawn which can be converted into a space for events of varying sizes as well as a pet-friendly zone.
3. Dine
At the innovative lifestyle complex at WHIZDOM 101, foodies can explore its 150 restaurants, cafes and bakeries for both casual and special occasions. Highlights include the zone Hillside Town, which invites visitors to enjoy dining and shopping in a charming village within the valley. For those who lead an always-on lifestyle, stop by at 24-Hour Street for a quick meal and numerous conveniences.
4. Shop
The retail space encompasses various types of stores, including fashion, lifestyle, health and beauty, banks and other services. The shops will be situated in the area that combine the indoors with the outdoors, allowing shoppers to check out new items in a breezy and relaxing atmosphere.
(From left to right) Mr. Visit Malaisirirat Chief Executive Officer of MQDC and Mr. Suttha Ruengchaipaiboon Executive Vice President of MQDC
     Additionally, in addressing the demands of the digitally-savvy generation wishing to access information and complete transactions instantaneously, WHIZDOM APP will allow customers to reserve seats at restaurants, make purchases, learn about latest offerings and join exclusive events through high-speed Internet covering every square inch of the complex. This platform will be open for public access, allowing everyone to easily connect with the digital world.
     “The innovative lifestyle complex at WHIZDOM 101 is set to officially open in October 2018. MQDC is confident that the development will add value to the WHIZDOM 101 project, stimulate economic growth of outer Sukhumvit area and become one of the modern urbanites’ favorite places,” said Mr. Suttha.

About Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC)
     MQDC is a property development, property investment and facilities management services subsidiary of DTGO. The company has a portfolio of high-quality residential brands, including single houses and condominiums, and mixed-use developments. This ‘House of Brands’ includes: MAGNOLIAS, a premium luxury residential property brand and the urban ‘social-lifestyle’ residential property brand WHIZDOM.
     With the mission to improve and contribute to a holistic quality of life for all, MQDC invests in research-oriented property development in order to deliver leading global best practices and develop environmentally-friendly and community enhancing living environments.
     The company is committed to align its businesses with leaders who share an environmentally conscious mind-set in advocating for sustainability, ensuring a positive social impact and a better quality of life for all. For more information, please visit www.mqdc.com.
     MQDC’s WHIZDOM developments are unique, technologically advanced, eco-friendly, urban communities that appeal to residents, along with business and mix-use tenants, who lead dynamic, cosmopolitan, socially interactive and highly-connected lifestyles.
     The WHIZDOM brand embraces the concept of an urban community and an ever-evolving society. Not only WHIZDOM aims to build world-class residences but it also fosters a strong community, through the establishment of a knowledge-sharing society set within its innovative urban properties. This socially interactive nature, inherent in all of WHIZDOM projects, is designed to encourage the social participation of its stakeholders in sustainable development. For more information, please visit www.mqdc.com.