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Boonkiet Chokwatana  Executive Chairman I.C.C. International Public Company Limited
Viritpol Chaithavornsathien    Vice President Division    I.C.C. International Public Company Limited
I.C.C. International Public Company Limited has cooperated with Kumamoto Prefectural Government, Japan for importing and distributing “Kumamon” brand in Thailand since 2015 in order to promote Kumamoto prefectural tourism and encourage more Thai visitors to visit Kumamoto prefecture. The strategy has done by opening Kumamon counters in leading department stores around Bangkok together with online store in which the brand has received very good response from Thai customers since then.
Kumamon character was first introduced in 2010 when Japanese government opened the new Kyushu Shinkansen line for the safety and convenience in traveling to Kyushu where Kumamoto Prefecture is located.

As the opening of this Kyushu line, Kumamoto Prefectural Government has launched the campaign called “Kumamoto Surprise” to celebrate the event. The main concept and big idea is to make all tourists who are traveling to Kumamoto by Kyushu line to be surprised and amazed by the beautiful and abundant nature alongside the train, delicious food as well as Kumamoto’s local food which is named as one of unseen Japanese food. Kumamon, the plump, black body with friendly face and red cheeks bear was then created as the logo of this campaign and as the mascot of Kumamoto prefecture.
Kumamon attracts a diverse range of people by its friendly and smiley face. He is the representative of Kumamoto prefecture who always welcomes and gives happiness to everyone who meets him. The red cheeks of Kumamon represent Kumamoto prefecture which is named as the land of volcano due to the “Asosan”, the famous caldera and active volcano.

Kumamon was voted top in the National Mascot Contest in 2011. He subsequently became very popular around Japan since then and was promoted as the Sales Manager of Kumamoto prefecture. His main role is to promote and provide information regarding Kumamoto tourism as can be seen that Kumamon has appeared in almost every tourist attractions in Japan.
Another reason that makes Kumamon appealing to everyone is because he is almost regarded as the living entity. His ability is equivalent to the ability of real people. Moreover, there is just one Kumamon in the world. He cannot appear in different places at the same time and general people is not allowed to wear Kumamon costume and this reflects the unique pattern of Japanese delicacy.
Apart from being popular in Japan and Asian Countries, Kumamon also aspires the world especially European countries. As can be seen that there are many world’s top brands using Kumamon character as a part of their limited-edition design such as Leica Germany and Kumamon no Leica, Swarovski crystal and Kumamon special 3d design as well as BMW and Kumamon Mini Cooper and etc.