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5 Eyecare Tips During Summer For Active Lifestyle and Outdoor Sport Lovers

Summer is coming! All those who have an active lifestyle do not miss out to do the fun activities or outdoor sports during sunny weather. As Thailand has very hot summer, most people pay attention on the danger of sunlight that affect to the skin. Someone may not know that UV rays not only may result in acute and chronic health effects on the skin, but also affects to the eyes whether many people are unaware of it. Today we will share 5 eyecare tips for summer advised by eye care professional from Johnson & Johnson Vision.
#Tip 1: Sunglasses and contact lens with UV protection are a must-item
For people who into outdoor activities, one thing that’s inevitable is UV rays from sunlight. If we do outdoor activities for long time, it can cause severe deterioration in visual function and also increase the risk of cataract. In the bad case, this can lead you to the macular degeneration. Therefore, you should wear sunglasses or contact lens with UV protection that meets international standards every time when go out for outdoor activities. It will protect your eyes from the harmful effect of UV radiation.

#Tip 2: Using ‘Artificial tears’ help you to provide moisture
There are many outdoor sports such as running, tennis especially biking that requires using the eyes for long period. ‘Wind’ is one of the factors that make your eyes get dry. It is good to bring artificial tears with you when go out for outdoor sports so that you can use it to reduce dry eyes problem and keep your eyes comfortable while playing sports or doing activities.
#Tip 3: Take a break when your eye get tired
If you have to use your eyes doing outdoor activity for long period, sometimes it can cause tired eyes or blurred vision. Whenever you can’t see the picture clearly, do not try to force yourself to continue doing activity. You should promptly stop in order to avoid any unexpected situation and injury. Let’s take a quick break for awhile. Then try to close your eyes tight and release or draw a circle with your eyes. When your eyes feel better, you can decide to go back to do activity.
#Tip 4: Take care your eyes from the inside out with food for healthy eyes
We have to take care of ourself both the outside and inside. It would be great to eat the foods that can boost your eye health. You may have heard that eating carrot is beneficial to the eyes. Apart from this, fruits and green leafy vegetables can help keep your eyes healthy as well as the food with high omega-3 such as salmon, tuna. It also helps to nourish the eyes.
#Tip 5: Do not overlook an eye health check-up
This must be done regularly. Because many people focus on the physical health while they are overlooking eye health as part of our regular health routine. Thus it’s important to remind yourself to receive an eye check-up in order to solve the problem and detect eye diseases immediately. You should come for eye examination every 6 months.
Playing sport and doing outdoor activities need to have a sharp vision and active movement. Contact lens is an ideal choice to response the needs of people who have eyesight problem. The new contact lens wearer should aware about hygiene and wash your hands every time before wearing contact lens. The benefits of good contact lens should feature UV protection that meets international standard and deliver enough moisture to keep your eyes comfort all day long as well as allow high oxygen flow through the eyes. If you take a good care of your physical and eye health to be strong all the time, you will definitely live your life without limit. Find out more eyecare tips at Johnson & Johnson Vision care Thailand