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Imagene Labs Launches an Inaugural Complete Genetics-Based Wellness Solutions

*DNA-based skincare, nutrition and fitness solutions customised to individual needs
Bangkok, 16 March, 2017 – Imagene Labs, a brand new genetics-driven wellness company, which is headquartered in Singapore announced the business launch and a line of customized wellness solution today in Bangkok, Thailand. Imagene Labs has leading in-house genomic facilities in South East Asia, which is to leverage propriety research in non-invasive DNA testing and understand the aspects of Asian genetics to develop customized end-to-end health and wellness products. In additional, a leading genetic innovation firm also stated its striving passion in helping Thais to have healthier lifestyles and revealed the business direction in penetrating the market in this region further.
Dr. Mun-Yew Wong, Managing Director of Imagene Labs said “By the on-going beauty and wellness trend in Asia, we have witnessed several consumer brands introduce an endless line of innovations and reach out to consumers with the informative knowledge about their healthcare products. Likewise, Imagene Labs is strongly eager to offer the best answers for consumers’ demands with the personalized and pre-emptive wellness solutions by unlocking the potential of each person’s DNA to create tailored solutions based on their unique genetic profiles”
During the press conference, Imagene Labs also announced its proudly inaugural-customized wellness solutions for each of user’s unique genetic profiles – Consists of 3 types of specific tests:
OriSKIN A testing kit which covers 10 skin traits, including Hydration, Pigmentation and Premature Aging. Your DNA influences how fast or slow your skin ages, and how it responds to environmental factors. We use the results from this report to create a truly customised facial serum for you, powered with high performance, key actives.
OriVIT Covers 30 nutrition traits, including tendency for Vitamin Deficiency, Gluten Sensitivity and Metabolism Style. We all process and use vitamins, minerals and other nutrients differently, based on our DNA. Find out which ones you may need more of based on your genetic profile.
OriFit Covers 15 fitness traits including Aerobic Performance, Muscle Repair Potential and Injury Risk. Discover which types of exercises, sports and training methods are best suited to you. Knowing your fitness DNA profile allows you to customise your fitness plan, saving you time and money. Does running or lifting benefit you more? How do you get faster results from your training routine? Everybody responds differently to physical activity, depending on their DNA. 
“This is the first time for a genetic-driven firm introduces comprehensive end-to-end wellness solutions along with the research of DNA testing to find the specific traits for each of customer in order to create the best suited products. With our innovation, Ori is user-friendly with the simple steps of collecting DNA sample from user’s saliva into our testing kit. On receiving their kit, they submit their genetic material in the form of a saliva sample that is returned to Imagene’s in-house lab where their DNA is extracted and analysed. Depending on the type of test(s) selected, they receive a personalised report detailing their genetic pre-dispositions to specific traits. Imagene Labs further provide actionable recommendations for each trait and disposition in these reports for consumers to immediately begin optimising their health and wellness.”
“Speaking of general perception of DNA testing, it had been seen as for clinical purposes and diagnosis. However, Imagene Labs wants to break that barrier to stand out to educate consumers and leverage the quality of Asians’ wellness onto the next scales” Mun Yew added.
Imagene Labs currently operates 4 nations in Asia, comprises Singapore (Headquarter), Malaysia (Opened in October 2016), Hong Kong (Opened in January 2017) and the recent one, Bangkok (March 2017), and it is still looking forward to expanding within this region.
To obtain one of Ori testing kit, your journey begins at AskOri.com With a starting price at THB 5,290 of each of 3 different Ori testing kit.