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dtac Launches “dtac WiFi Calling App”

·       Application that turns WiFi signal across the world into dtac signal
·       A concrete example of  “FLIP IT” concept
March 15, 2017 dtac today unveils dtac WiFi Callingapp to build up further success from the launch of WiFi Calling or VoWiFi services. Being Thailands first telecom operator to have offered WiFi Calling to users of the high-end smartphones, dtac has now taken another step ahead with the unveiling of the innovative app. Available for free download at Play Store and soon at App Store, this application enables WiFi Calling for all smartphone users.
dtac has achieved a huge success in turning WiFi signal into dtac signal for phone calls. The transformation, which materializes in the form of dtac WiFi Calling service or VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi), allows dtac subscribers to use WiFi signal anywhere in the world for a phone call similar to when they are in Thailand. They are able to pick up or ring the phone areas where there is limited phone signal, such as high-rise buildings or underground bases and facilities as long as the phones can connect to wifi signal. Subscribers have connected when accessing to Wifi with top Sumsung and iPhone models, via a built–in function. For a year, customers have received this service very positively as it provided efficiency and great experience.
Bringing the ‘FLIP ITconcept to the new height, dtac now introduces dtac WiFi Calling App” to all smartphone users. With this application, all smartphone users not just restricted to the high-end models with built-in functions can access WiFi calling. dtac customers are able to download “dtac Wifi Calling App” with no extra cost via Play Store or iTunes. This application is compatible with both Android and iOS (Android version 2.3 up and iOS version 5.0 up). After installation is completed, smartphone users can use WiFi, in Thailand and beyond, for making and receiving calls. The phone retains all saved numbers when relying on WiFi calling too. Phone calls made either to a land-based line or cell-phone device is charged based on the package dtac customers have subscribed. With the dtac WiFi Calling App, dtac subscribers both Postpaid and Prepaid can enjoy WiFi calling in exactly the same way as owners of smartphones with built-in WiFi Calling function.
Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer of Total Access Communication PCL (dtac), says, dtac is committed to delivering better digital experiences to customers. Just as we seek to move ahead, we attentively listen to customersopinions in response to their needs that we have developed and now launched dtac WiFi Calling App. The development is based on our findings that a huge number of smartphone users do not have built-in WiFi Calling function embedded in their device. Of all dtac customers, up to 68 per cent do not have such feature. Recognizing that these customers too wish to fully enjoy digital trends and lifestyle, we have designed the very-easy-to-use app for their WiFi calling. Our move reflects our FLIP IT” concept. dtac postpaid and prepaid customers dont need to pay more or subscribe new package either. We have offered the dtac WiFi Calling app for free. Subscribers can call to any land-based line or cell phone and pay based on their current dtac package”.
Strengths of dtac WiFi Calling App
1.    It is a special app exclusively for dtac postpaid and prepaid customers who have smartphones with Android (Vesion 2.3 up) or iOS (version 5.0 up).It is free for downloads from today from Play Store and from April onwards from App Store
2.    This app functions like a one-stop-communication service center. It enables both audio and video calls. Users can also receive SMS via this app. So, they can carry out online transactions as usual. Online payments, ticket reservations and other online services that require OTP (One-Time Password) via SMS can still be done when they use WiFi Calling overseas. Moreover, this app allows its users to have all the fun about chatting and sticker sending. It is possible to create a new group chat and share photos, video clips, name list, files and locations too.
3.    This app works with all forms of WiFi (WiFi hotspot, Public WiFi, Pocket WiFi, Share WiFi). WiFi Calling is thus possible anywhere in the world as long as there is a WiFi connection. Phone services are available even when there is no cellular network or stay in an area without cellular coverage like in a high-rise condominium or an underground facility.
4.    As a privilege for dtac customers, this app offers usage without any extra charges. Calls made via WiFi Calling is charged based exactly on the package dtac customers have subscribed for phone services. There is no extra charge about new WiFi Calling feature and data usage.
5.    This app allows dtac users to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Their phone usage will be charged based on use-within-Thailand usage rate. If dtac customers call from overseas to a Thailand-based number, they pay just a normal rate. Even better is the fact that they don’t have to pay anything when receiving calls overseas. There is no need to incur international call charges while roaming overseas.
6.    With this app, dtac customers can call their home or any cell-phone number using their usual cell-phone number. No country code or long-distance code is required (even when making calls from overseas). Both callers and call recipients do not need any other app.
dtac WiFi Calling has been available on some top smartphone models since March 16, 2016. Covered are 11 Samsung models and 9 iPhone models. dtac WiFi Calling Application, meanwhile is launched from March 15, 2017 for Android smartphones (Android version 2.3 up) and soon in April 2017 for iOS version 5.0 up. dtac customers can download it for free from either Play Store today or App Store (From April 2017). With dtac WiFi callingapp, dtac postpaid and prepaid customers will enjoy new experiences. It will be possible for them to make a call via WiFi from anywhere in the world. They won’t miss any important call and this service offers a very cost-saving alternative. For more information, please browse to http://www.dtac.co.th/network/wifi-calling.html.