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Dow and Thai Red Cross provide clean drinking water for remote students

Bangkok, 24 March 2017 – Dow Thailand Group, together with Thai Red Cross’s Relief and Community Health Bureau, Dow Water & Process Solutions, Unitech Co., Ltd, and Water Net PLC., funded “Thai Red Cross - Dow Clean Drinking Water for Remote Schools” project to install drinking water filtration machines and implement an effective maintenance system for 50 remote schools nationwide. The project is led by Dow’s world-class water filtration technology with the aim to grant access to clean drinking water, reduce illness caused by unclean drinking water, and enhance learning potential for Thai children.

Dow Thailand and Thai Red Cross have announced the collaboration on World Water Day on March 22. The United Nations (UN) encourages all sectors to recognize the importance of water as a basic necessity of life including water conservation and development of water resources in remote areas.

Mr. Jirasak Singmaneechai, Managing Director, Dow Thailand Group said, “As one of the world’s leading science companies, Dow foresees the importance of bringing innovation and technology to provide clean drinking water which is the most vital resource of life. We are an innovator of clean water technology. This year, we are following the late His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s foot step in social services on the occasion of Dow Thailand Group’s 50th anniversary and SCG-Dow Group’s 30th anniversary.”

Lt.Gen.Dr. Amnat Barlee, Director of Relief and Community Health Bureau, Thai Red Cross said, “Water shortage for consumption which causes health problems among school children is a major concern that needs to be addressed. The challenge is the lack of knowledge in water management and quality maintenance. This collaboration is formed among various sectors to not only provide water filtration machines to remote schools but also to support knowledge, implement a maintenance system, and build a network to sustain the project. This is to ensure that Thai children can have access to clean drinking water, become less prone to illness, and can receive the education they need.”

Statistics from the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, reveal that only 36.88% of packed drinking water at schools in 14 provinces has reached the standard. 1.6 million of global populations suffer from unclean drinking water and improper sanitation every year. The majority are children under five years old.

Under “Thai Red Cross - Dow Clean Drinking Water for Remote Schools” project, Dow Water & Process Solutions has utilized world-class ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technology which provide high efficiency, can filter bacteria, viruses, and small particles including heavy metal and contaminants. The technology delivers consistent performance, and reduces chemicals. It requires less frequent cleaning, maintenance cost, smaller area for installation, and is reliable.

Tanmeet Gulati, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager at Dow Water & Process Solutions, said, “Dow is a global leader in water purification innovation with variety of usage across industries including residential areas. We are proud to bring our technology to support Thai children with better access to safe and clean drinking water. Our technology is not only compatible to every level of water quality but also with high performance, easy to clean, and has high durability which will help decrease the maintenance cost. All of this will allow Thai children to have sustainable access to clean drinking water.”

“Thai Red Cross - Dow Clean Drinking Water for Remote Schools” project will be active during 2017-2019 by focusing on access to clean drinking water and sustainability by installing water filtration machines in 50 schools. Every six months, beneficial schools, communities, vocational colleges, and partnering network will implement a maintenance system to monitor the condition of the machines, water quality, and filter replacement for at least five years post-installation.

The project will also harbor monetary support from private schools and the general public for each beneficial school to ensure the quality of clean drinking water throughout its lifespan and raise awareness of water resources among the youth. Interested donators can contribute by transferring money to Fundraising Office, Thai Red Cross account, Krung Thai Bank PLC, Surawongse Branch, Account no.                          023 6 06799 0.


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