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dtac announces new brand platform vowing to think and do telecom differently under big idea “FLIP IT” with innovative products and services to make customer experience simple and straightforward

February 14, 2017dtac today has announced the new brand platform in bid to become the No. 1 digital brand in Thailand. Based on the brand positioning to think and do telecom differently under the big idea “FLIP IT” dtac vows to ‘FLIP IT’, starting from the customers’ points of views and making things simple, convenient, and straightforward for customers to enjoy communications and digital experience. This ‘FLIP IT’ will transform dtac DNA and bring about the new way of work and collaboration that focuses on customers’ needs and creates a wow-inspiring digital experience. To debut FLIP IT experience, dtac introduced “Go No Limit” post-paid service plan and “Go Plern” pre-paid SIM that enable customers to end the old limitations and worries of reduced connection speed or extra charges. Customers can now enjoy the smoothest mobile internet, unlimited, on the widest bandwidth of dtac Super 4G network. dtac also released a new TVC with rising actor Napat “Nine” Siangsomboon as the new storyteller of a more simple digital journey. Moreover, a flip of dtac Reward is tipped to heighten customers’ joy with a full host of privileges from more than 20,000 partners nationwide.
dtac has a passion to create the most enjoyable customers’ experiences and be the favorite partner of the customers’ digital life.” said Mr. Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer of Total Access Communication PCL (dtac). “With the brand’s focus on customers and empathizing with their needs and pain points, we keep bringing about new development and innovations to make it simple, straightforward, and enjoyable for customers to connect and get the most of digital life. The fast-paced change of technology, facets of media and telecom services have resulted in anxieties, worries, and fears in complexity and limitations in products and services that prevent customers from fully enjoying the benefits of the new technology and services.. dtac wants to think and do telecom differently, freeing up customers from those complexity and complications, and bringing about the new experience that is simple and worry-free. This shift lays the ground for  our brand platform ‘FLIP IT’ .”
The FLIP IT idea kicked off internally by changing mindset and the way of work among dtac team that drive and energize the whole organization to ’FLIP IT’ to make a difference for customers and the telecom industry. The transformation with FLIP IT involves in four steps: be daring for better results and innovative ways to work; act fast for timely changes; think different in order to understand customers’ needs and deliver the best, most simple solutions; and passion to win and exceed customers’ expectations.
dtac will present innovative products and services that customers find relevant, easy to understand, straightforward, and worry-free, including the network that provides easy access to digital experience wherever they are, service plans that serve customers’ needs and enable worry-free experience, digital services that connect, entertain, and benefit the digital lifestyles, and caring services and added privileges and benefits that make everyday enjoyable for our customers. We are confident that dtac will meet our customers’ needs and solve their problems and worries,” Mr. Lars Norling added.
“On the new brand platform, dtac is creating innovative products and services to prove how customer journey can be more simple than ever,” Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Sitthichoke Nopchinabutr pointed out. “We introduced the first FLIP IT offerings with a new price concept. We flip from  reduced connection speed after FUP (Fair Usage Policy to no speed reduction and no more FUP | We flip from limited data quota to unlimited data | We flip from free-call with conditions of numbers, times of the day to unlimited free calls to all dtac numbers 24/7.” The FLIP IT experience with our new price plan:
1) “Go No Limit” post-paid service plan and “Go Plern” pre-paid SIM post-paid and prepaid customers, offering unlimited voice calls and mobile data to ensure  the unlimited experience, worr-free. Customers can choose the plan based on their  needs and usage behaviors be it music streaming, chatting, video streaming or gaming around the clock.
·      Pre-paid Customers – The top-up plan removes customers’ worries over background data consumption by including unlimited use of specified-speed mobile data as basic connectivity free of charge, plus add-on plan for 24/7 free calls within dtac network.
·      Post-paid Customers – The monthly plan enables customers to enjoy internet at chosen speed, unlimited and no FUP just like home WIFI. The plan includes 24/7 of unlimited free calls to all dtac numbers.
dtac also released a new TVC starring young and rising actor Napat “Nine” Siangsomboon. In his role as dtac’s new storyteller, he portrays the simple,                digital lifestyle offered by Go No Limit plan to help expand awareness of this new offering to the diversified target audiences. For more information of the service plan and SIM, please visit www.dtac.co.th
2) dtac Super 4G Network continues to expand with growing numbers of base stations and in-building cellular signal boosters in all districts across Thailand, ensuring easy access to the smoothest digital experience from Thailand’s widest bandwidth of 20MHz on 1800MHz frequency band. With the 4G technology, the company has launched WiFi Calling service, an advanced technology that enables voice calls via Wi-Fi access points, so dtac users can make outgoing or receive incoming wherever they are as if they are home in Thailand, all without additional charge on top of their existing tariff. Wi-Fi calling has only supported by hi-end phones. With the introduction of dtac WiFi Calling App , all customers will be able to use this new technology, too. The app will soon be available for dtac customers to download and use on any model and brand of smartphone.
3) dtac Reward has expanded benefits to more customers with the introduction of Silver, Gold, and Blue Member . With expanding partnership, customers will enjoy the privileges available to them at more than 20,000 partner outlets nationwide. dtac reward program’s continuing focus on innovations and new development with partners will ensure that dtac customers will find simple and joyful experience every day.
“These are just the beginning of FLIP IT on the new brand platform early in the year. dtac will continue to FLIP IT to help simplify every customer journey. Stay tuned for  a continued series of the relevant, practical, simple, and best-value products and services that bring about the FLIP IT experience among customers and across the telecom industry. This is what will drive us, how we compete, and how we set ourselves to exceed customers’ expectations and become the favorite partner in their digital life,” added Mr. Sitthichoke.
Discover FLIP IT offerings to enjoy a more simplified digital experience today. For more information, please visit www.dtac.co.th.