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Keep an eye on a new trend!! Digital business leaders team up with startups and take technology to the edge of their business

February 27, 2017 – Successful business leaders who will bring great excitement to Thai startup industry in the launching ceremony of dtac accererate batch 5 on March 2, 2017.
Mr. Sara Lamsam, President and Chief Executive Officer of Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited.
New ideas to keep up with changing environment and numerous factors are very important. In the past two years, the changes, including the trendy Fintech from America, Europe, and Asia, and consumer behaviors, moved very fast. These might due to the uprising equipment or tools, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, the insurance industry must be alert more and more. It is clearly seen that the innovation is not only restricted to just Fintech, Biotech, or Healthtech, but also Insurtech.
Thus, we can no longer grow in the same pattern. We have to prepare and enhance our people to be able to compete and bring all new knowledge such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, or Big Data Analytic to the organization. However, we will not only focus on technology since the impressive service cannot be replaced by technology alone. Consequently, the innovation of Muang Thai Life Assurance will have both ‘Tech’ and ‘Non-Tech’ aspects. We emphasize to create this concept to everyone regardless of age or department, so that everyone in our organization will contribute to the innovation because the people who know best about the customers’ needs are ones who serve and talk to customers directly. We also want different views or ideas from a variety of generations.
This article is referenced from Siamrath at http://www.siamrath.co.th/n/8423
     Mr. Ho Ren Hua, CEO Thai Wah
Today, technology is a key factor to add value and drive the business. Applying the right technology at the right time can bring success to the business.
Thai Wah is a manufacturer and exporter of tapioca starch, rice vermicelli, and other food products. The company relies on farmers to produce raw materials for their production and realizes that traditional farming does not guarantee quality and quantity. It is therefore important to start empowering farmers with knowledge and technology, such as drip irrigation system to solve drought issues and increase quality and productivity and soil analysis to help farmers make more informed decisions. Thai Wah is now working with new generation farmers to introduce agricultural product innovations to meet future demand of the market. More importantly, these products provides higher value than products from traditional farming methods.
We partner with farmers and provide them with support, training, and technology to help improve agricultural productivity and increase quality and quantity, resulting in higher selling prices and ultimately higher standard of living. For the company, we will receive a constant supply of raw materials for our production, which helps us reduce the cost by importing less raw materials from overseas and improve our quality and quantity control.
We have both local and international trade partners. With today’s technology enabling faster and more convenient international communication.  We need to have efficient management systems, including the use of cloud computing to store data such as costs, suppliers, stocks, and purchase orders, which provides secure storage and real-time data access. This can be a key contribution to the success of the Thai startup industry.
June Juthasree Kuvinichkul, Co-founder of Grab, a taxi-booking app in Thailand
 “To start a new business, one of the key aspects is the business model conception. A good business model should consist of three important properties. First is the substantial and sustainable business that can solve existing problems and create direct or indirect values over competitors. Second is the scalable business that has a big market that is enough for the cost and resources and is likely to grow further, and the last is the business that can make the sufficient spread between the amount customers willing to pay and the capital. To start a business, do not think narrowly, but think thoroughly and widely with great vision. You have to know what you want from that business and do things in parallel like connecting jigsaw puzzles in order to reach the goal. Do not be afraid of change and correction. If one does not work out, do not hold on to it. You have to find a new way. There are always many approaches to achieve the goal. Another consideration is our competitive advantage. We have to think that the market we are in has something that yield us some gain such as cost, connections, or resources. These competitive advantages might come from the strong operation scheme or operation strategy.
We have a co-founder or partner because we need ability from each other to help, share, and give to the company. Fair play is very important for true collaboration. Everybody has to look at the whole picture without taking advantage on each other. Whereas, responsibility and sacrifices are beneficial to all parties. From the royal speech of His Majesty King Rama IX, he gave “By working with love, the result is important. Although, nobody sees it, there is nothing to be worried about because the result is a firm evidence. By saying this, it is like teaching about ‘gilding gold-leaf on the back of a Buddha image. To do a thankless job, when necessary, it must be done; compared with gilding gold-leaf on the back of a Buddha image. Although, most people do not like to do that because nobody sees it. If everyone gilds only on the front of a Buddha image and leaves the back ungilded, so the Buddha image will never become completely beautiful.”
In business administration, communication is very important since business runs with people. It cannot run by one person. The ability to communicate the goal to the team is very crucial in order for everyone to be efficiently heading in the same direction, including convincing people or partners as well. When there are several people working together, access to information, communication, transparency, workplace equality, and core value clarification are all required communication skill.
Finally, to be sustainable company, the evident system is very essential. System thinking and approach will create a tremendous growth to the organization. When your company depends on few people, your business is at risk and very difficult to grow. This system includes back-door systems, KPI initiation, business strategy, number recording, and data analysis. All of these are using as a mirror for company operation and financial management. By building a good foundation from the start, this makes work easier for all parties.”
Shannon Kalayanamitr Founder & Group CMO at ORAMI
[formerly MOXY & BILNA]
“Business is fluid.  Its about seeing the opportunity, being reactive and adapting to the market needs and wants, laser-focused on you, your company and your team’s strengths and weaknesses – positioning them well, as well as making sure you build non-replicable defense strategies up for future competition.
You can do your best to plan, though with variables and uncontrollable factors such as external and internal, personnel, partners, and market conditions, your biggest feat is how to maintain agility and reactiveness while maintaining long-term focus on your goal.  
Running a company is like an ensemble – or best cast in a film or TV series with a main plot.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and its up to the leading team to direct and manage it.  
People speak about being a woman entrepreneur.  I am a woman.  I am an entrepreneur.  I choose to speak about being a woman entrepreneur since its about the end goal – encouraging other women, not the ones used to the less gender equality parity in the western world, but women in the masses who don’t know that they have the opportunity to reach and to do and to achieve what they want to achieve.  I want to highlight that even with unconventional skills that women have – contrary to the thought, it is still possible to lead and run a business and or speak out your own way.  And that you do belong in an ensemble or cast of a business, no matter what your gender.
It takes an army to win a war and one built on strategy, communication, teamwork, and even emotional intelligence.  I believe everyone has strengths, women specifically have strong soft skills and it is healthy to get different points of view.  You never know which way the competition will come.  Let’s use all the resources we have to win a war.  That includes everyone – gender blind.”
      You can follow these 4 successful business leaders in the launching ceremony of dtac accererate batch 5 on March 2, 2017.