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Department of Tourism Promotes Gourmet Trips Reach Production Sources, Fulfill the Thai Test Learn Thai Culture Through Thai Food

Department of Tourism promotes Thailand as a hub of Food Culture Tourism. Travelers from around the world are welcome to experience Thai food from high quality ingredients produced from King Rama 9’s Royal Projects. Worldwide media have been invited to join a trip to a Royal Project and Angkhang Agricultural Station in Chiangmai province to enjoy dishes crafted by Thailand’s leading chefs during February 14-17, 2017.
Mrs.Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports said the Project on Promotion and Development of Cultural Tourism on the Thai Food or Gastronomy Tourism 2017 is aimed to promote Thai culture through Thai food experiences. Thailand is one of the world’s gastronomy center and is one of the world’s leading food science and development centers. Therefore, besides of Thailand’s beautiful scenery, from now on, visitors from around the world will be introduced and encouraged to experiences the Thai’s way of life through Thai food experiences. This is another policy that this government tries to emphasize. Food ingredients from the Royal Projects are especially known for their high quality and organic in the production processes. His Majesty the late King Rama 9’s Royal Projects and Angkhang Agricultural Station were the results of H.M. efforts to reduce and replace opium plantations with high-quality commercial temperate fruits, vegetables and livestock. King Rama 9 also encouraged the reduction and replacement of chemical agriculture with organic agriculture. Today, His Majesty’s initiatives have been proven. Farmers that learn and live according to His Majesty’s philosophy can have a good life and sustainable livelihood. From fighting opium and narcotic problems, the Agricultural Station has nowadays become one of Thailand’s important tourist destination and learning center.
Ms.Wannasiri Morakul, Director General of the Department of Tourism said the promotion of Thai food tourism is a response to the government policy on Thai cultural tourism. The 4th Gourmet Trips Project invites media, international chefs and lifestyle gurus from around the world to visit many beautiful tourist destinations from Chedi Luang Temple, Maesa Elephant Camp to the Royal Projects and Angkhang Argicultural Station. Special menus from leading Thai and international chefs will be served with food ingredients produced from Angkhang Agricultural Station. This is a 3 days experience from February 14-17, 2017. We are honored by the Minister of Sports and Tourism that joined our event in Angkhang. Thai and international chefs are such as Chef Vichit Mukura, Chef Chumpol Jangprai, Chef Surakit Khemkaew, Chef Kongwut Chaivongkhajorn, Chef Thananya Wilkinson, Chef Nuroh Steppe, Chef Henrik Yde Andersen, Chef Nick (Royalebrat) Vipittichak Pitthayanont and Chef Kim Yooah. The Department of Tourism wish that by introducing the lead chefs with Royal Projects’ agricultural products, the chefs would in the future select the Royal Project’s products as one of their major source of the cooking ingredients. Meanwhile, tourists will have more choices in their travel planning and select Thai food made from high quality ingredients. 
On February 16th, Associate Professor Chavanee Tongroach, Vice Minister for Tourism and Sports, is to join the food cooking activity by celebrity chefs after their 3 days of experience with the agricultural studies at Angkhang Agricultural Station.
Chef Chumpol Jangprai, a Thai and an internationally renowned chef, said cooking is art and science. As a result, delicious food doesn’t depend only on the chefs. Another important factor is a great, fresh and high quality ingredient. Products from the Royal Projects are known for their high quality and organic production. It is therefore a trusted food ingredient in making a great dish. In addition, using products from Royal Projects is another way of supporting a good livelihood to the Thai farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural tourism to the areas.
“Project on Promotion and Development of Thai Culture on the Thai Food” at the Royal Projects and Angkhang Agricultural Station in Chiangmai province is one of the several tourism activities organized by the Department of Tourism. The objective is to promote cultural tourism in Thailand. Thai and international travelers are encouraged to try food tourism in the form of Gourmet trips. This Project is aimed to improve Thailand’s sources of food productions not only in terms of quality improvement, but also in terms of a tourist destination to bettering the livelihood of the local people.