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TJ’s True South opens a new chapter in the history of Thailand with the mission to walk a distance of 1,400 kilometers, from the edge of Antarctica to the center of the South Pole.

A true adventurer at heart, Mr. Ake – Thanathorn Juangroongruangkij (TJ) wanted to find likeminded individuals who also dreamt of conquering the farthest reaches of the South Pole. This dream was the spark that inspired the project and now he is seeking 9 others to join his group of 10 on this great journey. The adventurers will lead the first ever Thai expeditionary team to plant the Thai flag at the South Pole. It is one of the most notable expeditionary routes in the world and has only been completed by a mere 19 countries.
     Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkij, Executive Vice President of Thai Summit Group and founder of the project under the name ‘TJ’s True South - Adventure to Antarctica’ revealed that he established the program in 2016. The project came from his determination and will to follow an ordinary man’s dream to become a great adventurer and to journey to Antarctica with the first ever self-sustained, expeditionary mission. The project will open a new chapter in Thai history and foster the reputation of Thailand on a global scale.
     TJ’s True South Project is now recruiting applicants from now until March 15th 2017 at www.TrueSouth.org. News and photos of all challenges and tests will be collected and displayed there, before the adventurers set off on the journey of over 1,400 kilometers in under -50°C weather, over a period of 45 days.
     In order to select only the most hardy adventurers to join the expeditionary team, applicants will be put through arduous tests and challenges, including a workshop on how to deal with extreme climate, how to live together, how to survive and behave, the science of nutrition, how to adapt internally and externally, EQ and IQ, basic first aid, the usage of important equipment and technology, as well as the required communication equipment for the entire journey to the South Pole.
     9 finalists will be chosen to join Mr. Thanathorn in a team of 10 adventurers that will have the privilege of embarking on this once in a lifetime experience. The historic adventure will begin in the last quarter of 2018, with the participants divided into 2 groups of 5 people each. They will start their journey from Union Glacier in Antarctica and walk in ski boots along the icy route. Each adventurer will have to rely on their own determination as they pull all their necessities on a walking distance of 1,400 kilometers, to reach the South Pole and plant the flag of Thailand. If the mission is successful, they will be the first ever expeditionary team from Thailand to achieve this triumph. A special reward of 1 million Baht each will be awarded for this success, which participants may then donate to the charity of their choice.
     Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkij stated, “We wish to give Thai people the chance to participate in this historical journey, regardless of who they are, what they do or where they come from. After the applicants have passed the first 24 hours of the running challenge, all expenses, including the cost of equipment, transportation, facilities, meals, etc., will all be taken care of by ‘TJ’s True South - Adventure to Antarctica’.”
     Moreover, as the organisers are aware each individual must have commitments and responsibilities, especially in the current economic climate, all participants will be taken care of as best as possible by the True South Project. For example, in cases where participants may need to take time off work for over 2 months, the project will be responsible for working together with the employers of the 9 finalists, in order to find the best solution for both employer and participant.
     The project can be considered an event of global magnitude, with the preparation period alone taking over 2 years. On average, the total cost of preparations, equipment and facilities will be over 5 million Baht for each adventurer, which will also include life insurance coverage.
     The journey will be arduous; the adventurers must learn to survive and walk along an icy route in ski boots, while dragging all their belongings along over a distance of 1,400 kilometers. They will have to camp on ice, while enduring average temperatures that may drop below -50 degree Celsius. The extreme difficulties of travelling on such icy paths will require thorough and complete planning, training and preparation. The expeditionary team will have to dedicate all their time in order to prepare themselves and become the first ever Thais to conquer Antarctica and reach the South Pole, a place where only 19 other countries in the world has ever set foot. 
     Mr. Thanathorn remarked that, “everyone has a dream to do something amazing. However, some of those dreams may seem to be so far away, out of reach, and almost impossible. With this project, those who love adventure and seek new experiences will be granted the opportunity to make their dream come true. For me, my dream is to become one of the first Thai people to reach the South Pole and now I will be able to realise that dream along with a team of 9 other Thai adventurers. I hope that accomplishing this dream will also be a further spark of inspiration for our country too.’
     TJ’s True South Project isn’t just about one man’s dream to conquer Antarctica; it is a mission which will be organised by the Thai Summit Pattana Foundation. The Thai Summit Pattana Foundation will be responsible for raising the required funds of over 50 million Baht, which will be obtained from the project’s sponsors, other private enterprises and the general public. In order to support the required expenses for the project and to create more awareness for the first 10 Thai adventurers to cross Antarctica, everyone involved would appreciate that news of the project will be spread as much as possible.