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dtac invites subscribers to switch to dtac and join Aum to enjoy smooth 4G experience on widest 20 MHz bandwidth on 1800 MHz band

and receive free 1-month monthly fee and 50% off monthly fee for 1 year and a lot more offers
January 23, 2017 – dtac invites subscribers of all operators to switch to dtac to experience the smoothest Super 4G on the widest bandwidth of 20 MHz on the 1800 MHz spectrum and receive free 1-month monthly fee and 50% off monthly fee for 12 months and a lot more. Switch to dtac today for special and flexible offers. 
Miss Prisana Ratanasuwanasri, Senior Vice President, Postpaid Division, Total Access Communication PLC (dtac) said, “dtac follows on the successful advertising campaign featuring superstar Patchara “Aum” Chaichue with an invitation to subscribers of all networks to switch to dtac for the smoothest Super 4G on the 1800 MHz band. Ported-in postpaid subscribers will receive 3 special offers.”

1) Choose a Super Non-Stop package and get free 1-month monthly fee and 50% off monthly fee, with unused Internet to be carried over to the next month, for 12 billing cycles. The highlight is the Super Non-Stop 349 package (50% off regular fee of 699 Baht/month), which includes free 20 GB data and free 300 minutes of voice calls. Ported-in subscribers can apply for Super Non-Stop package now until March 31, 2017.
2) Receive 1,500 Baht discount when purchasing a new smartphone at dtac (device, device and bundling package with or without advance payment).
3) Receive up to 70% discount when purchasing an iPhone and enjoy non-stop Internet and free music streaming service without data charges. Please see more details at https://www.dtac.co.th/postpaid/services/mnp.html.

For dtac prepaid, ported-in subscribers will receive special offers for Super Hapiness x2 1. Choose to get free call,  free Social or free internet 2. Get 50% off for 6 months when subscribe for add-on MAX-NET Super 4G and add-on packages. Details are available at http://www.dtac.co.th/prepaid/products/3g-non-stop.html  

Switch to dtac today with these 2 simple steps:
1) Dial *151* followed by personal identification number from the number to be transferred.
2) If there is no outstanding bill or issue, the subscriber will receive an SMS with an 8-digit PIN and then has to contact dtac Call Center 1678 or any dtac service center to present the PIN to the staff who will complete the registration in the central system. The switching process takes 2 working days from the date of application.

For question or additional information, please contact dtac Call Center 1678 or any dtac service center nationwide.