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FINNOMENA, a trendy FinTech from dtac Accelerate, launches NTER GIF for people who look for investment that yields monthly income

January 18, 2017 – FINNOMENA, the trendiest FinTech startup from dtac Accelerate, introduces a new product, NTER GIF, under NTER investment advisory service for all investors. NTER has achieved so much in previous six months since the launching of NTER Goal in May 2016, NTER GAR in October 2016, and NTER RL in November 2016. There have been remarkable responses from investors with over 1,000 Thai investors worth more than 350 million Baht. NTER GIF is the latest product for people who have cash and want to get better monthly return of investment than fixed deposit. Investors can build diversified portfolios through mutual funds that could generate steady cash flow in a long term.
Mr. Chayanon Rakkanjanan, Co-Founder of FINNOMENA, said “Reports from Department of Older Persons and National Statistical Office reveal that there are 10 million elders (people aged 60 and older) in Thailand while the working-age population has been declining. The old age dependency ratio currently stands at one to four and this affects the economy and society. The main issue is how to make senior citizens have steady income and self-sufficiency. Every sector has tried to come up with measures to help the elders. For example, the government recently stated that retirees have the right to receive a maximum 10-month compensation. FINNOMENA would like to help on the aging society issue by giving advices on effective savings and investment plans for becoming self-reliant in the future.”
NTER by FINNOMENA is the product for those who are looking for effective investment. It is the tool designed for giving advice to investors by choosing the most appropriate funds to current situation without any bias from 1,500 funds of over 20 asset management companies in Thailand, no additional charge. NTER’s gurus and teams will help investors until they reach their goals as if they have a personal wealth advisor by financial gurus.
Jessada Sookdhis, Co-CEO of FINNOMENA added, “After the launch of NTER, we found out that people usually think that investment is difficult to understand, knowledge requiring, and time-consuming. They also think investment is only for a wealthy people and only few people can achieve the financial goal. Most of them had bad experience in stock market. They lost money in stocks and decided to close their trading accounts. They are afraid of investment and do not want to take risks, so that they put money in fixed deposits with low interest. By doing so, it is very difficult to beat inflation with deposits account. Therefore, their retirement money will not grow, as it should be. Compared to other countries, most of Thai people are not interested in investment because they do not have financial literacy and do not have access to essential investment data especially people from rural areas. Presently, most of FINNOMENA members aged 35 to 45. Our goals are to improve NTER by FINNOMENA to be more comprehensive and to have 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2017.”
FINNOMENA offers 4 investment plans that cover every type of investor needs consisting of NTER GOAL, NTER GAR, NTER RL and a brand-new NTER GIF
1. NTER GOAL is suitable for people who want to invest to achieve financial goals upon their retirement and to be self-reliant or to achieve child’s education expense plan. The current average starting investment in this group is around 400,000 Baht with the minimum and maximum at 20,000 and 11 million Baht, respectively. The average investment per month is 12,000 Baht.
2. NTER GAR is suitable for people with at least 3 million Baht for a long-term investment that yields higher return than deposits rate and inflation. NTER GAR has a target of annual return of 8% (but not guaranteed). The portfolio is a moderate risk in term of risk exposure. A team of experts will give advice on how to adjust portfolio according to the market. The average investment via NTER GAR is around 5.2 million Baht with the minimum and maximum at 1 million and 28 million Baht, respectively.
3. NTER RL is suitable for those who pay for personal income tax and need advice on tax-deductible investments such as LTF and RMF. It is for people who need someone to take care of their LTF and RMF portfolios. Normally, people bought LTF and RMF then they have not paid attention. Sometimes, the return from those funds turn bad, but they do not have time to adjust their investment. Thus, FINNOMENA would like to take care of those investments.
4. NTER GIF is suitable for people who have at least 5 million Baht for investment and want to generate monthly income with higher return than bank interest. The risk tolerance of this portfolio is moderate. The portfolio invests on diversified global asset with the expected annual income of 4 to 5% in the current market conditions.
If you are interested, you can subscribe get free investment advice by FINNOMENA at http://bit.ly/NTER-APPLY.
Mr. Sompoat Chansomboon, Director of Business Innovation & dtac Accelerate, said “There are 3 FinTech teams from dtac Accelerate program: Claim Di, Piggipo, and FINNOMENA. It took them a short time to shine in FinTech industry especially in case of FINNOMENA. FINNOMENA is a phenomenon startup of unbiased investment with advices and knowledge, from financial and investment gurus, that can be reached by large number of people via both online and offline. They have created an incredible impact to the society and massive benefits not only to their team, but also to the society that is difficult to have an access to the savings and investment information. Currently, the summation of dtac accelerate teams’ value stand at 1,700 million Baht with 500% average growing rate. The admission for a new batch, batch 5, is coming soon. For more information, please visit https://web.facebook.com/dtacAccelerate/.