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AP Thailand holds up differentiation strategy to strengthen consumer-winning property brand; To launch 20 new projects and reach Bht 35,000 million in sales

  • AP THINK DIFFERENT’: A property developer that ‘Thinks’ and ‘Differentiates’ in every context with excellent quality of space design and knowledge sharing    
  • Goes full steam ahead with planned launches of 20 new projects worth Bht 35,000 million
  • To mark 3 years of trusted alliance with Japanese partner Mitsubishi Estate Group, will working together for further development planning with AP (Thailand) 

     Bangkok (17 January 2017) – AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited, the leading developer of properties for urban residents with expertise in design innovation for unlimited space functionality by Khun Anuphong Assavabhokhin, Chief Executive Officer, today shared the company’s business plans for 2017 when AP will pursue a strategy to think and differentiate or AP THINK DIFFERENT as it is known internally.  The company will continue focus on its strength, which is its ability to deliver quality residences distinguished by outstanding design and functional space management as well as its vision to share knowledge to contribute to developing quality human resources for Thailand’s real estate industry.  For 2017, the company will launch Bht 35,000 million worth of 20 new projects. These include 17 horizontal projects worth Bht 15,000 million, 8 of which are single detached home projects worth Bht 8,000 and the other 9 are town home projects worth Bht 7,000 million.  Also in the pipeline are three condominium projects worth Bht 20,000 million.
In the first quarter, the company plans to launch two new projects.  These include 1. Pleno Bangyai and 2. Pleno Sukawat, a duplex house and a town home of 2 stories with new functions built on 18-36 square wah for some Bht 2 million in starting prices.  The other project to be launched in the first quarter is Ban Klang Muang CLASSE Ekkamai-Ramintra Phase 2 which as a continuous project from last year and will be offered for Bht 25 million in starting prices.
     Khun Anuphong Assavabhokhin, Chief Executive Officer of AP (Thailand), predicting the outlook for the real estate industry in 2017, said Thailand’s real estate fundamentals these days are not too bad despite negative numbers of new project launches over the past few years.  Today, there are clearer signs of things returning to normal in terms of marketing activities and consumer’s buying atmosphere.  This year the company expects more competition in the horizontal product segment.  The challenge for the company from now on will be in acquiring land to develop projects for offering to consumers in a package that is line with their expectations.  The expansion of rapid transit while being positive to the industry also poses some risk to developers for it contributes to rapidly rising land costs – too much for consumers to catch up with.  It is one of factors determining future condominium launches.  In addition, consumers are also looking for new offerings.  For AP, the company will continue to develop all types of residences with the focus on the thinking process to differentiate its products while controlling and improving quality in every step.
PLENO Bang-Yai, Town home of 2 stories  18-20.6 Sq.w. will launch in February 2017

In terms of how the company works in 2017, AP will continue to encourage its people to think different to elevate and make a difference to its products and services in major areas, namely 1. Quality where AP has a check list as an important tool with special development in process and template that have been refined in accordance with the use of intelligent living technology piloted in many of AP projects 2. Space Utilization - AP focuses on developing every square inch of functional space to achieve beautiful design together with resident convenience, functionality and privacy, and 3. Human Development - This is part of AP’s great vision to contribute to the development of human resources for the real estate industry.  The company also looks to share its experience and knowledge with Thai society, particularly university students through its AP Academy, the first institution in Thailand for comprehensive real estate learning. This year AP has developed courses and learning tools that are more diverse and intensive.
PLENO Sukawat, a duplex house of 2 stories 16.40-36.0 Sq.w. will launch in March 2017

“Another factor that allows AP to differentiate for a long time is that we have a partner who shares the same vision like ‘Mitsubishi Estate Group (MEC)’.  We started our partnership three years ago working together on condominium development.  To date we have worked together on eight projects.  AP and MEC continue to look at the same direction and we’re still planning to develop the new condominium in 2017.  What we see as the greatest achievement is not our joint venture for AP and our Japanese partner have worked together to share and pass on knowledge in many areas at all levels.  AP provides support for its people as well as interns trained in its AP Open House programme to go on a study trip to Japan and MEC also sent its people to learn from AP,”
“With all-around potential: quality residential product portfolio, quality team and quality partnership which this differentiate can make consumer confidence and still one of Thailand’s top 3 real estate companies,” Khun Anuphong concluded.     
“AP Thailand – The Differentiator, Leader in residential innovation”