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Skootar won first-place award at GDG DevFest Hackthon, the first ever app development competition in Thailand, organized by dtac accelerate and GDG

December 2, 2016 – dtac accelerate and Google Developer Group Thailand announced the winners of DevFest Hackathon – the first ever application development using Firebase from Google as a development platform to help developers develop better apps, reduce development time, grow user base, and earn more money. During the 2-day, 1-night event, over 80 Thai developers from 21 teams shared the same goal, which is to use ICT to change the world. The winner received prizes from Google and cash rewards from dtac, worth a total of over 420,000 Baht. 
1) The winner, Skootar, received a 100,000 Baht cash reward from dtac and prizes from Google, including Google Pixel, Google Home, Google WiFi, Chromecast Ultra, DayDream View, and Firebase credit, totaling 320,000 Baht.
2) The first runner up, Chayen, received 3x Chromecast Ultra and Firebase credit, totaling 44,000 Baht.
3) The second runner up, Fabbrigade, received 3x Chromecast Ultra and Firebase credit, totaling 26,000 Baht.
The special Rookie Star Awards were given to Huski Trip and BKK Go, who received Firebase credit and one-month free working space at Hangar, totaling 50,000 Baht. All 21 finalists received Firebase credit from Google.
Mr. Sompoat Chansomboon, Director of Business Innovation & dtac accelerate, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac said, “dtac accelerate would like to congratulate Skootar, Chayen, Fabbrigade, Huski Trip, and BKK Go who won the awards at the first GDG DevFest Hackathon, organized to elevate the Thai developer community. The event featured interesting pitches from all the startups, who used Firebase to transform their apps. In a typical app development competition, each of the teams has to work hard in a limited time. So, it was incredible to see Firebase help developers complete their apps with ease. Firebase has tools that can be implemented to help developers solve development problems, complete their work within a couple of days, make the dream come true, and create something new to change the world within 24 hours.”
Mr. Thye Yaew Book, Program Manager, APAC Developer Relations Ecosystem, Google said, “During the 2-day Hackathon event, Thai developers were mentored by experts from GDG GDE and dtac. It was interesting to see the potential of each developer and how Firebase was used to enhance their apps. Firebase is a mobile platform that helps developers build better apps and reduce development time, which allows them to complete their work on time and free up their time to focus on business growth. Google and GDG are committed to support Thai developers and hope that all 21 developers will continue their development and grow to become successful startups in the future.”
Firebase is a mobile platform that helps developers develop high-quality applications and simplifies the development process with built-in features to save crucial development time. Popular Firebase features include Realtime Database and Storage that allow data store and sync in real-time with ease. There are many other features in Firebase that developers will find helpful. Firebase can be easily integrated with API from different services and Firebase Database can be used in combination with Google Cloud Platform.