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“Next station, Sanam Chai!”

  • Uniquely designed in traditional Thai architecture by National Artist Pinyo Suwankiri
  • CH Karnchang shares the country pride as the project developer
With its unique design in traditional Thai architecture style, the latest electric train station project, Sanam Chai, will give the city a new landmark and a new pride. Ch Karnchang, as assigned by the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA), is responsible for the construction of this unique station by combining its engineering excellence with refine Thai art where national artist Assoc. Prof. Pinyo Suwankiri lent his design talent to complete this mission. This station will definitely rise as a new landmark for Thailand in the future.
Assoc. Prof. Pinyo Suwankiri, who was named the national artist (architecture) in 1994 and has designed many leading buildings in Thailand and overseas all known for their refine Thai architectural style, said the historic places in the area were the inspiration for the exceptional design for Sanam Chai Station.
“It was our intention to make this station a unique place cherished by the world. When considering that this station is located in the inner ancient city of Bangkok and the discovery of the ancient foundation of an old palace at the construction site, we believe the traditional Thai architectural style is the perfect fit. We want this station to communicate the value of Thai culture, something that will blend modern lifestyle and transport mode with the unique Thai way of life,” said Assoc. Prof. Pinyo.
The floor plan of the interior of the station resembles ancient Thai architecture. Big white square poles are lining on both sides. The top of the poles are decorated with lotus pattern coated with gold leaves while the bottom of the poles is set on an elevated base. Walls and floor resemble ancient city wall.  Decorative tiles on the walls are in flowery patterns. The red ceiling is decorated with starts and moon, coated with gold leaves. When walking into the station, one would feel like walking into a lavishly decorated ancient Thai building.
While most parts are decorated in traditional Thai style, the station has quite a strong modern accent with graphic lines and shapes on the floor, poles and decoration details. More importantly, the floor plan is designed in such a way to provide the highest convenience for city hoppers to catch the train comfortably and efficiently.
“I have looked at all details myself. I want this station to best represent Thai culture and art, something that everyone around the world know. We put our heart in design and making so as to create a masterpiece that lasts long and be is recognized as a national heritage, not just a passenger terminal. In addition, this is a nice way to conserve Thai art and culture for the younger generation,” said Assoc. Prof. Pinyo.

Sanam Chai Station is a part of the Blue Line Extension ‘Bang Sue-Tha Phra  and Hua Lamphong-Bangkhae,’ under the care of  MRTA, who has assigned Ch Karnchang to design and build the stations in the Sanam Chai-Tha Phra part of the project, which comprises a total of 5 parts (contracts). At present, the part of the project responsible by Ch Karnchang is 100% completed and will be completed as scheduled.
Sanam Chai Station is located on Sanam Chai Road on the Koh Rattanakosin area, not far from the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. The area is full of ancient and cultural sites and buildings, making it one of the most popular tourist attraction areas.
Dr. Supamas Trivisvavet, CEO of Ch Karnchang Plc, said, “Engineering meets arts might be the best to describe this project. We have put our 40 years of experience and engineering excellence to control and manage the construction well. At the same time, we blend it with the exotic Thai art and culture. The final result is this unique station in extraordinary traditional Thai architectural style, an exceptional combination ready to excite the general public and customers,” said Dr. Supamas.
“Apart from its exquisite Thai design from Rattanakosin Era, the Sanam Chai Station is the fruit of excellence in engineering, fine art and a courtesy to users with its friendly floor plan. The station will definitely become a new landmark of Bangkok, a place where traditional Thai culture meets modern lifestyle,” she added.
When completed, the Blue Line electric train project will be the distinctive train service. The routing will cut through a historical area while stations stand out with unique design. In addition to the Sanam Chai Station, the Isarapap Station will be another one whose design is inspired by the historical sites in the area. The Isarapap Station, located near Wat Hong Rattanaram Ratchavoravihara Temple, will be decorated with swans as the temple name means swan.
“Such unique design is a pleasant way to tell story of the place where the station is located. The station will impress foreign passengers and raise awareness of the value of the Thai heritage among Thai people. Ch Karnchang is proud to be part of this project and to build a good transport infrastructure that also tell good story about the beautiful culture of Thailand,” said Dr. Supamas.