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“WeChat Pay” allied with “ABC” and “King Power” to celebrate the New Year 2017 by Giving Red Pockets

“Asset Bright” and its business alliances, “King Power Group” and Ksher WeChat Pay to make a promotion to celebrate New Year 2017 including Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year by giving free red pockets to Chinese tourists who visit Thailand and shopping over 500 CNY via WeChat Pay at four King Power Downtown Complex Shops: Rangnam, Srivaree, Pattaya and Phuket from now on till February 5, 2017.
    Mr. Porameth Rungrongtanin, the Chief Executive Officer of Asset Bright Public Co., Ltd. or ABC as a leader of modern e-commerce business to fulfill lifestyle for social online revealed that the Company joined with alliances and WeChat Pay, the leading firm to perform internet business in China and worldwide. ABC will be the center of payment settlement for Chinese tourists coming a lot to Thailand and buying products and services from many stores in Thailand. Presently, King Power Group is a main shopping store to serve number of Chinese tourists to buy duty free products in Thailand. So, settlement of products by WeChat Pay would be very convenient and fast to buy products at “King Power”.
    Dr. Yan Ma, a general manager of The World is Flat Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or Ksher as a representative of WeChat Pay in Thailand told “Chinese tourists are familiar to pay by WeChat Pay. It just uses smart phone to pay for goods like China. This will fuel higher sale volumes from Chinese tourists who will come to spend money in Thailand over happy festival period in Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. So, all alliances, “WeChat Pay”, “King Power” and “Asset Bright”, would like to give a gift to celebrate this festival to Chinese shoppers with “free red pocket”. Anyone who buys products in King Power over 500 CNY will have a chance to get a red pocket at the maximum of 888 CNY. To fuel more spending from Chinese tourists, we will do this promotion with other shops in the future.”
       Mr. Apichet Srirattanaprapa, Assistant Chief Officer of Operations of King Power Group, said “Payment by WeChat Pay will be another choice to pay for goods in King Power and this one would make Chinese customers as the one of our main customer groups more convenient. Our interesting products are many various categories such as cloths, apparels, ornament, watches, perfume, cosmetics, souvenir and instant food.”
      Mr. Porameth Rungrongtanin added that settlement for goods and services by WeChat Pay in Thailand had already received very good feedback from Chinese tourists who came shopping in Thailand because it could avoid the rule to limit foreign currency brought to Thailand. Moreover, it would be fast, convenient and safe to pay by this channel. Merchants also ensure in this electronic settlement by WeChat Pay that could absolutely increase their sales. We expected to get 100 shops joining WeChat Pay this year and will increase to 5,000 shops all around Thailand in next year. Any shops who interest to join with WeChat Pay or want more information, please make a contact to us at 02-732-9001-4.”