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Tesco Lotus partners with 14 leading FMCG companies in “United Hearts” campaign with at least 20% discounts on more than 700 items

28 November 2016 – Ms. Nuntawan Sakuntanaga, Director-General of the Internal Trade Department, together with Mr. John Christie, CEO of Tesco Lotus, and 14 leading FMCG companies in Thailand, launch the “United Hearts” campaign which offers a minimum of 20% discounts on more than 700 product items during November 29, 2016 until January 4, 2017 to help customers save on costs of living. The historic year-end sales is a joint investment of more than 200 million baht to slash the prices of products necessary for daily living.  
About Tesco Lotus

     Tesco Lotus, Thailand’s leading retailer, currently operates approximately 1,800 stores across Thailand under five distinct formats, namely Plus Mall, Extra, hypermarket, Talad and Express, serving more than 15 million customers every week. Tesco Lotus also offers products on the digital platform through three channels: Tesco Lotus Shop Online, where more than 20,000 product items including fresh food are available, Lazada.com, where more than 12,000 product items are available, and weloveshopping.com, where more than 4,000 product items are available.

     Tesco Lotus purchases more than 150,000 tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables from Thai farmers every year, through its direct sourcing programme.