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Panasonic rolls out N Series Electric Home Shower

Panasonic has introduced a new water heater to target high-end, health-conscious consumers for the year-end sales growth to maintain its leadership position in the market. Consumers currently tend to shower for relaxation and prefer to use a water heater not only during cold weather but throughout the year for best health and best comfort. Panasonic N Series electric home shower offers e-CYCLE for an        alternative hot-cold switch and e-HYBRID for more relaxation and better conserving water, coming in a sleek and stylish design with the highest safety Japan Qualitystandard.
Mr. Takeshi Nomoto, Managing Director, Panasonic A.P. Sales (Thailand), said, "Panasonic has placed great importance on our product development, especially in regards to safety and convenience. Safety is the top priority for consumerspurchase decision on the selection of a water heater.  Panasonic is one of the top choices having gained trust from Thai consumers for over 30 years, thanks to the Japan Quality standard. As consumers tend to pay more attention on design, Panasonic has come up with the launch of Panasonic N Series Electric Home Shower, making consumers to rely on its safety and enjoy its look that helps change the atmosphere in a bathroom. The latest model in the product line is expected to be well received. As a result, Panasonic continues to lead the water heater market.”
Miss Kanokpan Suparanon, Marketing Manager, Panasonic A.P. Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, The water heater market demands approximately 670,000 units this year, compared to 650,000 units last year. Panasonic is the market leader taking up about 31 per cent market share due to our outstanding quality and safety for the past 30 years in the water heater market.

This year, Panasonic has developed a new model: Panasonic N Series Electric Home Shower. In addition to quality and safety, the new model is outstanding on its design and functionality that match the changing lifestyle of consumers. A market study finds that consumers prefer showering in warm water everyday, not only in the winter time. They also spend more time on the shower, not just for cleansing, but for relaxation. Thus, a water heater has to meet the consumer needs to make them comfortable to use the heater, help them relax, and save even more water while taking on a longer time.
Panasonic N Series is designed to offer outstanding features. The N Series has a luxurious,Sleek Elegant Design”. It offers reliable safety with a stylish, round, and sleek appearance in silver that matches bathroom spaces. Luxury Shower Head is designed to accommodate the use for comfort to every lifestyle of the new generation, eased by the easy-to-press One Push On-Off and LCD screen for precise operating status and temperature. It also clearly shows the performance of various functions.
It also comes with functions for relaxation and wellness with e-CYCLE, which offers a shower with hot and cold switching. This system has been proven to ensure happiness, comfort, and relaxation at a high level effectiveness compared to only the warm shower alone. It also has e-HYBRID to help relax and conserve more water. Beat Shower, for more relaxation, adjusts the force of the water in three-way selection to help massage to relieve fatigue. Air Bubble Jet can mix air into the water to add the force of the water to save more water. With its Antibacterial Shower Head containing Plus Ag + helps reduce mold generation in the shower head for up to 99.99% for good health.

In the aspect of ​​security, which is critical to the buying decision of consumers, Panasonic N Series comes with 9 safety points. For example: Water Flow Sensor cuts off power supply if the water flow is too low that leads to water temperature from overheating. Auto Thermal Cut-Out cuts off power supply in the event of water temperature exceeds hazards limit. Durable Copper Heater to prevent fire, a self-extinguish, non-combustible material for container. Built-in Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB) offers double safety as it cuts off in only 0.05 seconds if electricity leakage is found only in 15 milliamps. Water Splash Proof Case Cover is complied with the worlds standard of IECs IP25 for water-resistant protection.

Panasonic N Series is available in two models: ND Screen with an LED display plush Touch Screen and NS, which has a rotation command. Each model has three series for best selection based on the capacity of power: 3,500 watts, 4,500 watts and 6,000 watts at the price ranges from 4,490-7,990 Bt.
Interested persons can experience Panasonic N Series products with its sales representatives and at leading department stores. For more information, contact the Panasonic Customer Relations: 02-729-9000 or http://panasonic.com/th