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SMEs urged to catch up with IT-FinTech trend, or else “Thailand 4.0” would not happen

Bankgok, 17 November 2016 – IMC Institute views IT Trends for 2017 as big changes. The global trend is truly in line with the trend of the IT industry in Thailand. That is FinTech - a financial technology which will affect all business sectors that receive money from customers for their services while existing technology with familiar names is still hot as ever such as Cloud, Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things. However, technological changes are needed to make a lot of changes to IT systems, such as Artificial Inlelligence and Machine Learning which will demand most software systems and devices have intelligent systems embedded. The back office IT systems will also change as well. They require the Web system with the ability to support a large number of users (Webscale IT) or the Software Defined Data Center. The users’ interface will come up with virtualization, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) or conversation system, as well as the entry of Blockchain technology. We might see a lot of new applications in place in the country.
These trends have an impact on everyone. Thus, IMC Institute will launch the seminar on IT Trends Strategic Planning 2017: Towards Thailand 4.0 to get Thai organizations alert and prepared with a business plan to grow and survive in the digital economy "Thailand 4.0".

Thai organizations must adapt.
Dr Thanachart Numnonda, director of IMC institute indicated that the No. 1 trend in 2017 is the transition to digital, or Digital Transformation by which FinTech will wholly drive the industry because every business has to get paid.

"The most important thing Thai entities should do before 2017, is aware of the changing world. Inevitably, these organizations cannot evade from the impacts of technologies that are more genius. If you cannot adjust in time, you may not survive ultimately.”

Getting awareness to prepare is critical for adjustment on the day the government of Thailand has been moving forwards the digital economic policy of "Thailand 4.0". At this point, IMC Institute visualizes that Thai organizations should know that they can weave their dream of value creation which is the main model of this policy provided they are ready in technology. This is the reason why organizations need to watch the IT trend closely.

This situation urges the IMC to hold a seminar on IT Trends Strategic Planning 2017: Towards Thailand 4.0. The content of the course focuses on the analysis of the global trends that match with Thailand. IMC Institute stated that it will explain the organizations to understand how technologies such as FinTech, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, virtual technologies and global trend technology are important, and why the Cloud or Big Data Analytics remains necessary over years.
"The course of this seminar will make people understand, from now on, how the market is dynamic. What is currently doing is not the right thing to survive. In case of FinTech as an example in banking industry, all banks realize that the existing payment approach is no more effective. When they cannot survive, they have to wind some branches off. This is just the banking cluster alone. There are still lots of SMEs nationwide that would be ready to handle the new payment method that is completely changed. You must ask yourself if you are ready or not. For some jobs, they do not exist for you to do today. "Dr. Thanachart said “particularly when the government set out Thailand 4.0. It is parallel with the technology that is more intelligent. If we do not catch up with it, our competitiveness will drop accordingly. So does the trading.

Director of IMC also raises an example of the non-adaptation in entertainment media since the streaming TV service causes the slow growth of cable worldwide or the photo shops turn themselves down because of the popularity of digital cameras.

“Thailand 4.0” Major Target
Suphachai Sachaphibulkij, CEO of Optimus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,​ indicates that the trend on the use of IT in enterprises in Thailand next year will be the value creation not value added nor productivity. The business units that set the model "Thailand 4.0" as a goal need to understand that if they want to move on. Technology is the answer because it will make the dream come true.

"Next year will be the year of the Value Based Technology. This trend prompts the IT providers to change the way they sell their products. Not only just a unique product is offered but the integrated system together with solutions that directly benefit their business must be made. For instance, Wi-Fi provider will offer the system that will enhance businesses to see the opportunity to increase sales instead of making an offer solely for the performance of Wi-Fi in an organization. "
Suphachai expresses the confidence that the day the government of Thailand is pushing the digital economy, Thai organizations would conduct their business with no difficulties. If the entrepreneurs can understand the technological trends and make use of technology appropriately.

"Not only e-commerce but what comes together with it, a digital payment system”. All requires a complete datacenter. If it is not get prepared ahead of time, there will be an enormous impact", Supachai said. “Moreover, if we look at the model "Thailand 4.0" as a goal of the transition, it is a process that the business needs to do. It is possible with technology. The course held by Optimus in cooperation with IMC will help you digest the news to make the contents easier to listen on the day that some of Thai executives cannot adapt to keep up with it".

The seminar on IT Trends Strategic Planning 2017: Towards Thailand 4.0 is scheduled to be held at the Chaophya Park Hotel Ratchada during 14-15 December 2016. "Korn Chatikavanij," the former Minister of Finance and Chairman of the FinTech Club will show his vision on how the FinTech, a new era of financial outlook, will upgrade the financial industry in Thailand.

In the seminar on IT Trends Strategic Planning 2017: Towards Thailand 4.0 there will be IT experts to discuss the trends of Information Technology in Thailand, its impacts and changes to business next year. The main topics include Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Mobility Trends as well as changes to various areas, for example, Digital Transformation, FinTech, Digital Marketing by key speakers. Khun Korn Chatikavanij, former Minister of Finance and Chairman of the FinTech Club will share his vision on how the FinTech, a new era of financial outlook, will raise the financial industry in Thailand. together with Dr. Rom Hirunyapruek, director of the banking transaction, BOT, K. Kittinunt Anuphant, President of  iLertU, Khun Pornthip Kongchun Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Jitta.com.  The seminar is scheduled to be held during Wednesday 14th to Thursday 15th December 2016 from 09.00 – 17.00pm at Chaophya ballrroom, Chaophya Park Hotel, Ratchada. For more information please contact Khun Kwanhathai Thavornpong, Khun Sunisa Kamhaengvoratit and Khun Thidarat at 02-233-4732, 087-593-7974, 088-192-7975 Email: contact@imcinstitute.com.