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dtac backs NBTC up for the supreme mobile phone number 08-8888-8888 auction including BLUE MEMBER and the best mobile package of 1,200 GB and one-year-unlimited free call

November 25, 2016 – Total Access Communication PLC. or dtac is pleased to support NBTC (Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission) for the first super mobile phone number auction on the coming November 27. The earnings from the auction after all expenses will be given to the government for the national development. dtac will provide the best 6 super numbers, such as 08-8888-8888, 09-0000-0000, 09-1111-1111 and etc. The bid for a number with the same nine digits, e.g., 08-8888-8888, will start at 20 million Baht. Each of the auction winners will be welcomed with exclusive BLUE MEMBER including Super non-stop data package of 1,200 GB and one-year-unlimited free call.
The winners from this NBTC auction will experience the fast and smooth dtac Super 4G service that has the widest bandwidth. They can use it with worry free since it comes with 24-hour all network unlimited free call, 4G/3G service at the maximum speed for 100GB per month, and no monthly charge worth 2,499 Baht/month for one year. Moreover, this includes free online music from dtac Music Infinite, 100 GB free storage for Capture app, free unlimited dtac WiFi, and other privileges from dtac BLUE MEMBER.
In this NBTC auction, 16 super mobile phone numbers as a format of 0x-xxxx-xxxx and 0x-yyyy-yyyy will be available for the bidders on November 27. Thus, people can have an equal chance to be the owner of these super numbers. It is expected that the government will earn at least 100 million Baht for the auction. This auction is open for all interested parties, either natural persons or legal entities, who are currently not facing financial difficulties.