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Blackmores invade the market for looking after consumers of every stage of life, Inviting group of celebrities to share experience of looking after health in the great event of farewell to Blackmores Livemore VIP Days 2016

     Blackmores, the vitamin and dietary supplement from Australia, an option for self care taking with great benefit by natural way. Blackmores will organize activity of Blackmores Livemore VIP Days 2016, to create knowledge and understanding for self looking after by natural way, and selection for using Dietary supplement for sustainable good health for each stage of life. Blackmores invites group of celebrities who love their own good health, representatives of each age group to participate in the experience of self caretaking, also to divide products groups according to consumers groups, and to expand the market to reach customers of every age on the slogan “BLACKMORES serves every stage of life”.
    Miss Pussadee Suchitchon, Country Manager of Blackmores (Thailand) Ltd., distributor of Blackmores dietary supplement and vitamin from Australia, mentioned activity preparation of Blackmores Livemore VIP Days 2016, that the Company wishes to promote understanding to consumers on method of looking after of their own health in every stage of life, by physically exercising, and choosing to eat beneficial healthy food, receiving complete necessary food substance to their bodies.  Activity in the event will be offering procedure of looking after health, dividing into zones, such as “The Mind-Body Connection”, which gives recommendation for Explorers Group.  “We are Family” Zone which gives recommendation to Focused Family, and “Time to Live More” Zone which gives recommendation to Healthy Aging Group.
    Other than that visitors will also receive knowledge on the topic of “Be a Well Being in order to have good health in every stage of life” Dr. Thisara Weerasamai, Chief of Anti-Aging Medicine Center, Phaya Thai Hospital 1, together with Ms. Kalamare Patcharasri Benjamas, Ms. Nina Suthita Panyayong, and Ms. Chiranan Pitpreecha, will jointly share their experience in looking after their health.
    For special promotion in the event of Blackmores Livemore VIP Days 2016, persons who subscribe for membership will receive immediately  Gift Voucher, the discount of Baht 100.-, and after Baht 1,200.- complete buying, they will be entitled to draw for several special prizes.  More over, after buying dietary supplement and vitamin product for complete Baht 800.- they will receive New Year Card from The Cardiac Children Foundation, part of income will be given to the Foundation.
    Miss Pussadee also stated that for further marketing policy, Blackmores will stressed for the consumers to see that Blackmores dietary supplement and vitamin are ready to become part of health looking after of every stage of life, under the slogan “BLACKMORES serves every stage of life”, by dividing consumer groups into 3 groups, according to care taking in each stage of life, namely:
  1. Explorer Group, which is the group attentive to take good care of themselves, and like to learn new things, members in the group often are interested in looking after beauty, skin fineness, and health of brains and eyes.
  1. Focused Family Group, they not only look after of themselves, but also every beloved ones in their families.  They often are interested in their bodies as a whole, preparation and look after their pregnancy, whether food substance suitable for pregnant persons, and children or not, such as fish oil, consolidated vitamins, vitamin C.
  2. Healthy Aging Group, they are interested in looking after their own health on blood veins, hearts, bones, and joints.
This sorting out by groups helps consumers to have knowledge, and easily understand the necessary usefulness of food substance, and to enable them to buy supplement and vitamin products well as required by their bodies.
It is believable that these new strategy and marketing will give year 2016 of the Company more growth than normal marketing as a whole, and to stay a leader in the market by emphasis of the consumers’ confidence.  Present marketing has the growth about 3%.  However in 2017, the Company will still continue its concept for “BLACKMORES to serve every stage of life” to the consumers, as well as carrying on the policy of promoting knowledge to sale agents, pharmaceutical teams at drug stores, which are allies of the Company, for more knowledge and understanding in using supplement and vitamin products in a proper way, to enable them to recommend consumers efficiently further.