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TAT promotes “Vi-Thee-Thai” Combining Local Experiences draws Qualified Tourists Focus on 4 Northeast Provinces to Lead “2nd Ride to Khong’s Legendary”

Challenging all Thai and Foreign Bikers to welcome 2017
Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business expressed his plan after being on post to boost “Vi-Thee-Thai” by combining the impressive local experiences via the “Thong-Tiew-Vi-Thee-Thai-Gae-Gai-Style-Luk-Sueng” campaign to attract Thai and International tourists. He wishes to continue promoting tourism activities to attract the qualified tourists. 2nd Ride to Khong’s Legendary scheduled on 13-15 January 2017, welcomes all Thai and foreign bikers to ride the bike for 300 km passing 4 Northeast provinces: KhonKaen, Kalasin, SakonNakhon, NakhonPhanom.  This bike riding is the World Class tournament.  Bikers will experience the wonderful natural and cultural attractions along the route.

Mr.Noppadon Pakprot, Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said after his being on post that TAT will prepare ahead of the overall market by emphasizing the strengths of the country: Vi-Thee Thai or Thai’s Way, and combining the impressive local experience through the communication on the basis of the unique endemic Thailand via the “Thong-Tiew-Vi-Thee-Thai-Gae-Gai-Style-Luk-Sueng” campaign.  The campaign is to convince tourists to attract new ways of local tourism and also to expose the Thai’s Value.  They also can share the unique experiences of Thai local residents and more.  For the communicating with the foreign market, TAT still use “Amazing Thailand” under the theme “Discover Amazing Stories in Amazing Thailand” for the campaign.  It is the TAT experience in using the signature of Thailand for attracting the foreign tourists all around the world.  In 2017, TAT will launch the campaign “Tar-Tiew-Karm-Pak (Cross the Regions Tour)” which is the biggest campaign of the year.  This campaign is to challenge all Thai people to reach the unseen experience and feel different from what they familiar.  Moreover, TAT also plans to promote the campaign “Tiew Dai Ngan (Work on Tour)” for those who are on work in the form of study tour and offsite seminar.  These can help continue the program “12 Cities do not Miss” which to diversify tourism and focus on a new niche market (Gen Y) through #Tar-Tiew-Thai-Nai-Sue-Online.
For the implementation of the international market, TAT will focus on creating a sustainable income and revenue growth over a number of tourists.   Focus also target to a new international market such as Muslim and the new businessman, as well as new market having the spatial potential of the high buying power such as BRIC countries, Argentina and Eastern Europe.  These focuses are planned in accordance with a policy to increase tourism quality and focus on expanding the market to tourists with high potential in spending.  TAT wants to present the luxury and creative tourisms to target those having income per person around $20,000/year.   Focusing will also target on niche market such as the model place for pre-wedding, the honeymoon place, Green Tour, Sport Tour.  Besides, TAT wants to push “KhonKaen” to be the special tourism spot by motivating and promoting this province to be the tourism city similar to Pattaya.  TAT expects the number of tourists to be more than 5 million each year.  This could work well by maintaining existing customers who have potential in spending such as the woman, the family and the baby boomer.  Promotion is also planned for tourism in ASEAN by having Thailand being the HUB for international tourists from Europe and Latin America to travel to the CLMV countries.
In 2017, TAT installs revenue target from the domestic tourists should be increased 10%, from 8.5 billion baht in 2016 to be 9.5 billion baht, as well as adjusts the income from international tourists to increase 10%, from 1.5-1.6 trillion baht in 2016 to be 1.89 trillion baht.
From the guidelines of pushing KhonKaen province to be the special tourist place same as Pattaya, TAT sets the campaign the 2nd Ride to Khong’s Legendary Event, which is the distant bike racing in Thailand.  This event will take place during 13-15 January 2017, starting in KhonKaen province.  This event continues the success of the first event in 2015, as an attempt of the old and new bikers who want to challenge on the World Class tournament in accordance with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) standard.  Moreover, they want to again get the cultural experience along Kong River.  The distance this time is 300 kilometers crossing 4 provinces: KhonKaen, Kalasin, SakonNakhon, NakhonPhanom.
“Last time, there were a lot of good feedbacks from both domestic and international bikers.  They were 1,262 bikers, 90% Thai and 10% international.   More than 300 million baht were generated as a local tourism income along the route.” said Mr.Noppadon.
Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) also said that KhonKaen is one of the Northeast provinces that appropriate for this event because KhonKaen is a center for trade and investment in the region and a lot of charming tourism spot as well.  In 2015, there were 3,881,646 tourists, including 3,818,917 Thais and 62,729 foreigners.  The income from only the tourism was 10,756 million baht.  TAT expects Ride to Khong’s Legendary Event will substantially motivate tourism in the area.
For more information please see:  www.ridetokhonglegendary.com ,www.facebook.com/ridetokhonglegendary, or TAT Contact Center 1672