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BIG + BIH October 2016 Launches Lifestyle Products Export Trading Forum

Attracts Over 60,000 Buyers Worldwide and Pushes Purchase-Sale Value to Over 1,500 Million

The Department of International Trade Promotion is combining the strength of the Thai Lifestyle Products Federation and the Designs and Objects Association to attract over 60,000 buyers worldwide to participate in lifestyle products export trade negotiations at the BIG + BIH October 2016 event on 19 – 23 October with a goal to generate a purchase-sales value of more than 1,500 million baht in addition to driving Thailand with a creative economy by organizing every square meter of the event as displays of creativity in response to the Creative Thailand event hosted at the same time.

Mrs. Malee Choklumlerd, Director-General, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, says the Bangkok International Gift Fair 2016 and Bangkok International Houseware Fair 2016 or BIG + BIH October 2016 will be the largest international lifestyle products trade negotiation platform in ASEAN and the event is also accepted as an outstanding event featuring creativity. This event is in its 42nd year and is gathering over 500 companies and 1,300 booths to display capacity by exhibiting achievements with outstanding design, creativity and quality for domestic and foreign buyers over an area of more than 40,000 square meters. The event will be organized under the concept of ASEAN Life + Style to reinforce Thailand’s outstanding significance as a hub for trade and lifestyle products with ASEAN quality in addition to supporting the ASEAN Economic Community as a single market. The event will also facilitate participants with DITP Logistics Pavilion services to provide one-stop logistics consultation and services.
“Due to expectations that the global economy will improve in 2017, the Department is confident that this hosting of the BIG + BIH October 2016 will attract more interest from buyers than the previous year. This year, global buyers from America, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Germany and the United Kingdom will make the trip to attend the event. The visitor goal has been set at 60,000 visitors divided into 10,000 visitors on business negotiation days and 50,000 visitors for retail sales days. The event is expected to have a purchase-sales value of more than 1,500 million baht, an increase from 1,300 million baht and 57,000 visitors during the previous year,” said Mrs. Malee.
In addition to outstanding goods, BIG + BIH October 2016 will also host exhibits of model achievements in creativity which, apart from building inspiration to be built or expanded upon to startup new businesses, will also stress the topic of creative products for Creative Thailand, an event to be hosted by the government at the same time as BIG + BIH October 2016 with the goal of promoting Thailand in becoming a progressive country with a creative economy under the Thailand 4.0 policy.
Exhibitions and model achievements in creativity hosted at BIG + BIH October 2016 will be composed of I+D Style Café + DEWA, a model new-age café decorated with innovative products aimed at environmental conservation and use of agricultural byproducts; Big Toy Design Innovation, a model toy product developed in the Big Toy Design Innovation 2016 Project; Demark, an outstanding design achievement awarded to Thai products with excellent design (DeMark) and G-mark; Top of OTOP, a variety of top OTOP products made from natural raw materials; Pet Parade, an innovative product to meet pet lovers’ needs; Thai Wellness, Thai-style healthcare and service businesses involving healthcare for senior adults; CLMVT, handcrafted goods from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand; Designer of the Year, achievements of designers awarded under the Designer of the Year Project; and Mc Smart with artistic achievements, design and fashion work from jeans and scrap Mc jeans production materials.
Creative Thailand will be hosted under the Think Big concept to dare to think, do, create and build our country over an area of more than 8,000 square meters by gathering products and services from creators who will inspire daring to create learning of thought processes, open business opportunities with a push for a strong and sustainable economy At the “Creative Thailand 2016” there will be several zones to allow visitors to get a full picture of what the Creative Economy is. Zone 1: “Baht and Brain” will give a general overview of what makes up the Creative Economy while Zone 2: “Creative World” has attractions to inspire creativity. For Zone 3, this will showcase the “Creative District” with a range of interesting exhibitions and fun activities.  A 30-square-metre circular cinema will be brought in for a screening of motion-graphic documentaries on eight top destinations in Thailand that have creatively turned local values into tourism earnings without compromising the cultural integrity of the local people. Visitors to the zone will be able to receive a “Startups” infographic booklet that showcases best practices in starting-up creative ventures. There is also a chance to win return air tickets for two from Thai AirAsia for the four most creative pictures shared on social media with #CREATIVETHAILAND. The Zone 4: “Think Big” will display some amazing creative economy products and provide a business and financial consulting service for people starting up new ventures. Zone 5, “Talk Symposium” is where visitors can hear talks given by local and international experts who can create understanding of the Creative Economy and inspire new start-ups and entrepreneurs.
People who are interested can view BIG + BIH October 2016 and Creative Thailand on 19 – 23 October 2016 at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre, BITEC, Bang Na. BIG + BIH October 2016 will host business negotiations on 19 – 21 October at 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and retail sales on 22 – 23 October at 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

FACT SHEET (BIG + BIH October 2016)
Event Name : Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International
Houseware Fair (BIG + BIH)
Period/Date 19-23 October 2016
Trade days :
* 19-21 October 2016 (10.00-18.00 hrs.)
Public days :
* 22-23 October 2016 (10.00-21.00 hrs.)
Venue: Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC),
Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand
Space : 40,000 sqm. of exhibitor space
Organizer : Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce,
Royal Thai Government
Office of Fashion and Lifestyle Business Development
563 Nonthaburi Road, Bang Kra Sor, Nonthaburi 11000,
Tel: +66 (0) 2507 8309, 8363  Fax: +66 (0) 2547 4281, 4286
Email: big@ditp.go.th
Website: www.bigandbih.com, www.ditp.go.th
Supporters: The Associations of Thai Lifestyle Products Federation which
cooperates with 7 associations as the following
1. Thai Gifts Premiums & Decorative Association
2. Thai Toy Industry Association
3. Thai Housewares Trade Association
4. Northern Handicrafts Manufacturer and Exporters Association (NOHMEX)
5. Thai Stationeries and Office Supplies Association
  6. Design & Objects Association
7. Home Decorative Design Association
Purpose : 1. Setting Thailand as the central of the producing and
exporting of the gift and houseware products in region
2. BIG + BIH will attract all key buyers around the world
to meet the Thai’s producers and exporters
Products Categories (List of Exhibits) :
BIG FAIR : 1. Wellness
2. 60+
3. Toys and Games / Children
4. Stationery
5. Pet Product and Services
6. Gift & Premium
7. Sport & Travel
8. Home Décor
9. Furniture & Living
BIH FAIR : 1. Kitchenware / Tableware
2. Glassware
3. Bathroom Accessory and Cleaning Equipment
4. Small Electrical Appliance
Key Exhibitor : Exhibitor from the list of DITP’s member such as Exporter list,
Pre-Exporter List, Trading Company, Pre-Trading Company,
and Manufacture, Distributor, Others
Number of Exhibitors :
October : 507  companies/ 1,347 booths from
both domestics and overseas
Participation Fee : US$ 2,000 per unit of 9 sqm (3 x 3 m), raw space only

Key Visitor : Agent, Department Store, E-Business, Manufacturer, Retailer ,
Service Industry, Trader/Importer, Chain Store, Distributor,
Exporter, Mail Order House, Retail Outlet, Specialty Store,
Wholesaler, Other

FIGURE DATA (October) :

BIG+BIH October 2015
BIG+BIH  October  2016 (expected)
Number of Exhibitors
Participating Countries

Exhibition Area
Number of Visitors
• Trade Days
• Public Days
Major Visiting Countries
489 companies/1,353 booths
Thailand, China, Japan, Taiwan, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia

40,000 sqm
USA, Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Germany, UK
507 companies/1,347 booths
Thailand, China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam,
Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia   
40,000 sqm
USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Germany, UK