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“Healthticket” The winner of GSB Startup Thailand Award, the acme of Thai business resilient idea. Win the one million bath prize. The 10 final teams preparing to be the entrepreneur, will have the study visit to Japan during October 15-21,2016.

     Announcement of the “GSB Startup Thailand awards, “ Healthticket” team” win One Million Baht Prize. Together with the other top 10 teams, they will bag pack to participate the ‘Outing Startup Program’, to Japan,preparing to be the next en entrepreneur,during October 15-21,2016.
     Mr.Chatchai Payuhanaveechai, President & CEO of Government Savings Bank, revealed that ‘Startup Thailand by GSB, inaugurated 4 months ago since April. At present, the project comes to the final round. The winner, awarded with 1,000,000 Baht prize is ‘Healthticket’Team, the 1st runner-up awarded with 500,000 Baht Prize, is ‘PITAK’ team, and the 2nd runner-up, awarded with 200,000 Baht is ‘Lawender’ Team

Project Over four month of the competition ‘Startup Thailand by GSB’ from more than 1,300 teams to 10 final teams, they all are the best. Nowadays, our journey comes to an end, we have the winner, the 1st and 2nd runner-up and other 7 honored teams. Apart from the money prize, all teams will join the ‘Outing Startup Program’, setting up in japan from October 15-21, 2016. Preparing to be the next  entrepreneur, they will visit the ‘Kyoto Handicraft Center’ and ‘Osaka Design  Center; to study ‘packaging design’ and ‘OTOP’. ‘it is the precious experience according to the competition, it is beneficial for them to start up their future business’ said the GSB President & CEO.

    Objective of the Startup Thailand by GSB Project is to encourage and support the people of next generation with their creative ideas. Beside the prize, the project also promote the business knowledge by bring team to participate ‘GSB Camp’ for the top 100 teams, and ‘Coaching Day, 10 Styles by 10 Gurus’ for the top 10 teams. All coaches are the best business acumen to share their ‘Gurus’ experience and also consult individual team at the strategic level.

    The special concept for this year’s contest is ‘Make it now, make it fast and make it real’. GSB held the business matching session for general business sector to observe and directly contact with their interested projects. It is the new agenda for further business development in the future. For 4 consecutive years, there are now over 106,000 likes presents in GSB Facebook. It is the one of the key evidence of success.

The final result of Startup Thailand by GSB, the acme of This business resilient idea.
     The winner, ‘Healthticket’Team, ‘‘Healthticket’ Project. 1,000,000 Baht Prize.
     The 1st runner-up, ‘PITAK’ Team, ‘Product Design of community identity, craft woven bamboo of Baan Muang Noi’ Project’ . 500,000 Baht Prize.
     The 2nd runner-up, ‘Lawender’ Team, ‘Lawender’Project. 300,000 Baht Prize.
     7 Honored Award, 50,000 Baht for individual team as the following details.