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dtac strengthens its success in BLUE MEMBER customer, incorporating with GROOVE @CentralWorld, chic hangout space to offer special privileges

September 8, 2016 - dtac celebrates its grand success in BLUE MEMBER customer group by offering special privileges and services tailor made for every lifestyle. To strengthen its brand, dtac is using CRM strategy to build a lifestyle community for its customers to enjoy exclusive experiences. dtac has partnered with 10 top restaurants in chic hangout space Groove @CentralWorld to create special dishes and offer exclusive privileges to strengthen the BLUE MEMBER customer base, which is increasingly growing, covering 220,000 users today.
Ms. Penpa-Nga Suddhimondala, Vice President, Head of Loyalty at Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “Customer service is an important pillar in our company’s development. Our strategy is to improve our network and services, while offering sincere and cordial services to our customers, alongside our CRM strategies to offer special privileges and services to strengthen and maintain our customer relationship. So far, our services have been well-received, especially among the BLUE MEMBER customers, which is a new addition to our services. dtac offers special privileges to customers whose monthly bill is more than 2,000 baht or have been with dtac for more than 20 years and has monthly bill of 300 baht of more. Today, we have 220,000 users in this premium segment, from initially 150,000 when we first started.

Four core privileges that dtac has offered for BLUE MEMBER customers are:   
1BLUE DEVICE: Device maintenance by experts   
Special privileges and discounts for any service, plus coverage in case of loss or accident.
2. BLUE ACCESS: For superior comfort and convenience  
Experience the highest level of convenience and enjoy entertainment before anyone else. Fast track access at dInfinite Digital Service Flagship Store and dtac service centers nationwide. 
3. BLUE CARE: Special services and care 24 hours a day   
Special services, care, protection and privileges anywhere, anytime.
4. BLUE LIFESTYLE: Make every lifestyle more special with offers from leading partners
Special offers and discounts that meet your lifestyle, such as Lifestyle, Dining, Travel, Entertainment and Shopping, exclusively for BLUE MEMBER customers.
Findings from a survey conducted on dtac BLUE MEMBER customers reveal that their preferences and favorite privileges can be categorized as dining (27%), entertainment (25%), shopping (20%) and communication gadgets (18%). From this information, dtac focuses on dining and lifestyle privileges by seeking partners that meet the needs to its BLUE MEMBER customers to introduce more benefits throughout the year, starting with its first activity which creates a superior lifestyle community. BLUE MEMBER customers can enjoy special dining privileges at GROOVE @CentralWorld, the world-class hub of food and drinks at the heart of Bangkok. dtac has joined hands with 10 dining partners to create special dishes and drinks for BLUE MEMBER customers, which are:   

1. Peek-a-Boo  Get free 3-course meal 
2. TALES of GOLD MINE Get free Orange Chicken Salad
3. HOBS Get free Quesadilla Spinach & Bacon
4. GREYHOUND CAFÉ (any branch) Get free Selected Signature Dish of the Month
5. HIYAKU Get free Hotate Unagi Wasabi Sauce
6. S’MORES Get free Spicy Salmon
7. Mejico Get free Chicken and Chorizo Taco
8.  EAT (Eat All Thai) Get free Deep-fried Chicken Wings
9.  Wine I Love You Get free Garlic Cheese Bread
10. 1881 Get free Thai Style Chicken Burger “Larb Kai”

dtac has chosen special privileges and services for its customers in every lifestyle by partnering with leading partners to highlight its commitment to offering the best service and care to BLUE MEMBERS. For more information about BLUE MEMBER Personal Service, call *1806 Find out more about special activities on www.dtac.co.th/bluemember ,dtac reward LINE official account and dtac application.