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BLUED, the world‘s biggest gay community application.
Launched the “LIVE" Feature. Enabling the gay community to go “live” for the first time.
In photo: BLUED, the world’s leading gay community application that has the largest gay users worldwide led by Mr. Geng Le (3rd from left) CEO and founder together with Kuang Yalong (1st from right) Thailand Marketing Manager and Marut Prasertsri (1st from left) Thailand Marketing Specialist hosted a launch event, celebrating its new feature “BLUED LIVE” at Ballroom, SO Sofitel Bangkok Hotel.
Bangkok , 22th August 2016 - BLUED , the world’s largest online gay community app has host a launch event, celebrating its new feature “BLUED LIVE”. This feature is not only unique but also mark a significant beginning. BLUED with its BLUED LIVE feature is to be the first for-gay application that enable you to LIVE your daily lives, show your talents, and share your special moments or even sending and exchanging of gifts right through the application. On top of revealing a superb feature, BLUED has also exclusively announce its collaboration with JINLOE, producer of a mega hit gay series “ Make It Right”, in its co-production of BLUED’s 3 short film series which will be online starting from August 2016. The event ended with a mini- concert from Pete Pol” and a barrel of fun After Party. The event was filled with celebrities, superstars, social influencers and socialites, coming together in celebration for BLUED at Ballroom, SO Sofitel Bangkok Hotel.  

BLUED is the world’s leading gay community application that has the largest gay users worldwide. With its LIVE feature, BLUED is the first for-gay application that on top of allow users to find new friends anytime anywhere, it also allow users to livestream, sharing their moment together with their friends worldwide plus allowing sending and exchanging of gifts.
Mr. Geng Le CEO and founder of BLUED said “BLUED is beyond proud in introducing the new LIVE feature, which allow all of our users to livestream their lifestyles and share their talents to their friends all over the world. Creating and strengthening a true borderless friendship. With our users of over 27 million worldwide, we are certain that we can create a loving gay community filled with friendship and creativity.”
The event also exclusively present one of its short films, under its collaboration with the mega hit series producer JINLOE, “The Right Man " Prae... Chan Rak," (Because.. I love)”The series has been on-aired since mid of August 2016 and more are to come throughout the year. For the series, “The Right Man” the feedback has been magnificent with its views over 100,000 views within just short 2 weeks. The series has also been overwhelming with appraisal as it has put on a spotlight on the love of a mother and her gay sons. You can stay tune to this series and more to come from BLUED via BLUED Channel on YouTube.
Throughout the events, attendees had fun participating with activities and experience using BLUED and its LIVE feature together with male models. The event ended the night with mini concert from leading gay singer “Pete Pol” whom sing wonderful ballads in mix with fast beat songs to shake up the dance floor which then continues on to the After Party.

BLUED is an online gay community app with the largest number of user worldwide. With its aim to “Enablng gay all over the world to enjoy an excellence of life”, BLUED is committed to continuously develop and improve its products, services and activities dedicated to the gay society for all time.  

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Android: https://goo.gl/f3wSXC