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UNHCR’s celebrity supporters unveil artworks for NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES campaign

Bangkok, 11 July, 2016 (Bangkok) – After months of creative collaboration, a group of Thai celebrities are now ready to unveil their artworks in support of refugees in Thailand on Saturday 23 July at Atrium 1, 1st floor of Siam Center.
The project started in January, when the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) joined hands with eight celebrities including Praya “Pu” Lundberg and Saharat “Kong” Sangkapricha to launch the NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES campaign. NAMJAI means generosity in Thai.
The celebrities were divided into four teams and received generous donations from the Thai public to complete four different missions. Today, they have completed their projects and are ready to present their artworks to donors who support their teams:
  • Well-known actress and model Praya “Pu” Lundberg and eminent designer Jirat “Sanchai” Subpisankul will present a limited edition T-shirt to highlight the situation of  refugee women
  • Famous musician Saharat “Kong” Sangkapricha and best-selling songwriter  Jakrawut “Van” Sawangpol will play a special song they composed for refugees
  • Heartthrob actor Sunny Suwanmethanont and renowned sit-com director Piyakarn “Mook” Budprasert will screen a short video they produced on how to pay NAMJAI forward
  • High-profile editor and writer Wongthanong “Nong” Chainarongsingha and talented illustrator Pattarida “Pang” Prasarnthong will show a special book they created about refugees.  
These artworks will be unveiled by their celebrity creators on Saturday July 23 at Atrium 1, 1st floor of Siam Center.  The event will provide a rare opportunity for fans to meet their favorite celebrities as part of a three-day event for the NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES campaign that will also feature interactive games and activities to promote Thai people’s generosity for refugees.
“This important event aims to express our gratitude for the generosity of Thai people and to encourage more people to help improve the lives of refugees in Thailand, including the Myanmar refugee children and women living in nine border camps, some of them for over 30 years,” stated Ruvendrini Menikdiwela, Representative of UNHCR Thailand.
The NAMJAI FOR REFUGEES campaign remains open for the public to donate to their favourite teams at www.unhcr.or.th. Donors will be invited to witness the unveiling of the artworks by the team they support at the July 23 event.  Your NAMJAI is important for refugees in Thailand to rebuild their lives. The event and activities are open to public from Friday 22 -Sunday 24 July 2016 at Atrium 1, 1st floor of Siam Center.