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Mitr Phol Group is the First Thai Company to Receive World-Acclaimed Bonsucro Certification

Marking the firm’s commitment to sustainable value chain in sugar production
Mitr Phol Group is the first Thai company to receive the Bonsucro certification, making Thailand the world’s fifth country to be given the world benchmark for sustainability practices in sugar production from sugarcane.  The certification reinforces the company’s achievement in innovative ‘Mitr Phol ModernFarm’ agricultural management practices as well as marks a major step towards international sustainability standard development for Thai sugarcane production and agricultural sector.  
Mr. Krisda Monthienvichienchai, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mitr Phol Group, said that “The Bonsucro certification at Mitr Phol Park in Phu Kiew district, Chaiyaphum province, is truly a testament to our over 60 years of dedication to quality and great care in all aspects of agricultural industry, from farming and production procedures, environmental management, legal and regulatory compliance, as well as respect for human rights and labour standards. The practice is conducted based on Mitr Phol’s policy for creating a sustainable agricultural value chain, from sugarcane farming, sugar production, until product delivery to end consumer. The certification is another achievement index for our overall operational capability, a major progress from the recognition of Bonsucro Sustainability Award we received in 2015.”
     The “Mitr Phol ModernFarm” model, drawing inspiration from successful sugarcane farming management systems in Australia and has been implemented in Thailand by Mitr Phol Group for more than two years, sets a solid ground for the company to meet the eligibility requirements for the Bonsucro certification. The farming management innovation applies world-class concepts, knowledge and technology to the local environments to help cane farmers achieve higher productivity, keep operating costs down, reduce labor cost, preserve the environment, and strengthen the community in a sustainable manner. These operating procedures are simply in line with Bonsucro standards.
Moreover, the entire operation management practices of Mitr Phol sugar factory covering quality, environment and resource management also conform to Bonsucro’s sustainability standard. The practices not only improve the production capacity and efficiency in delivering products to customers, but also stand for Mitr Phol’s commitment to the improvement of product quality to meet the needs of international consumers and partners. Some of Mitr Phol’s first 7,000-tonne batch of Bonsucro-certified sugar will be supplied to International Refreshment (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the licensed bottler and distributor of PepsiCo, which also integrates sustainability standards in its operations. With Bonsucro certification, Mitr Phol’s leadership, as Thailand’s largest sugar producer and exporter and the world’s 5th largest, and growth opportunities are even enhanced.   
Mr. Somsak Chantra-ruangthong, Secretary of Office of the Cane and Sugar Board, added that, “The Bonsucro standard aims at balancing the economic, environmental and social impacts of sugar production for a sustainable development in the agricultural sector. The standard helps elevate the performance of sugarcane farming and sugar production procedures to an international standard, increasing Thai sugar product quality and its competitiveness in the global market and set a baseline for sustainable agriculture in Thailand, as well as bring a better quality of life to consumers and sugarcane farmers.”
The Bonsucro certification is another major driving force for businesses in every sector to improve their operating performance to reach an international standard as well as paves way for Thai sugarcane processing and sugar production industries to compete in the global market. Today, more and more multinational manufacturing companies impose improved sustainability standards across their entire supply chain and opt for sustainably produced raw materials. Being a Bonsucro-certified brand will strengthen Mitr Phol’s recognition among consumers making its products better received in both local and international markets.
In 2017, Mitr Phol Group plans to expand the attainment of the Bonsucro certification to 42,450 rai; 127,450 rai in 2018. The company targets to have the entire 400,000-rai achieve the certification by end of 2020.