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Singapore Investment Group Launches HOTEL CLOVER ASOKE

     Hotel business investment group from Singapore invested over 500 million Baht to launch the first Hotel Clover in Thailand after 5 locations have succeeded in Singapore. Its outstanding feature is Lady Floor where it is exclusively for women from around the world with the unique design in each room.
Mr. Teo Kok Hwee, the Chief Executive Officer of Singa Management Group from Singapore, revealed that, the Company has operated the hotel management business since 2011. Its first project was named Hotel Clover 769 North Bridge Road in Singapore in 2012. Later, Singa Group of Management and Hotel Clover have dramatically grown and expanded within 4 years. Singa Management Group has taken over and developed 5 hotels in Singapore under the brand of Hotel Clover, which is the origin of Hotel Clover Asoke in Bangkok. In addition, the Company has planned to expand its business to Vietnam, Myanmar and China as well.  

“ It is expected that the total sales in the hotel industry will increase continuously, especially in the next 3 years, from 2016 to 2018. Asia-pacific region is forecasted to have the market share in the global hotel industry higher than the Western Europe. Therefore, Singa Management has planned to become the global hotel and resort management team and also make its own brand to be more outstanding in the international platform. With passion and commitment in the service and travel industry, we not only have the best management team, but the main target is also to provide global services to all customers for their new friendly experiences which meet all demands beyond expectation. To launch Hotel Clover Asoke in Thailand, its feature is the Lady Floor where it is exclusively for women from around the world with the unique design in each room. This is to emphasize the vision and mission of Hotel Clover in Thailand’s market”, said Mr.Teo.
Hotel Clover Asoke is considered to the unique boutique hotel. There are 95 well-designed and planned rooms, especially lady floor, which is designed for woman customers only to meet their new modern lifestyles. As now they travel more frequently, they have to focus on the safety first. On the lady floor, there are 13 stylish rooms with unique designs. Additionally, facilities are well-equipped in the hotel, including outdoor swimming pool on the deck of the hotel, poolside bar, and chilled restaurants. Importantly, it is located at the center of Bangkok with the full access of BTS and MRT in front of the hotel, including shopping centers and department stores.  

Besides, Singa Management is the organization providing integrated management and marketing solutions for global hotel and resort owners. Currently, it runs 5 branches of Hotel Clover in Singapore, namely, Hotel Clover 769 North Bridge Road, Hotel Clover 5 Hong Kong Road, Hotel Clover The Art, Hotel Clover 33 and Hotel Clover 7, and 1 branch in Thailand, Hotel Clover Asoke. In addition, it also cooperates with Accor Group to establish Novotel Shanghai Clover in China. 

     For more information about Singa Management, please visit the website, www.hotelclover.com. For Thailand, please visit www.hotelclover-th.com or call 02-258-8555.