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dtac partners with NetMarble Thailand to organize “Seven Knights” Meeting and gives out special privileges worth over 60 million Baht including free 4-star Hero Selectors for dtac customers playing Seven Knights game

     July 27, 2016  dtac joins hands with NetMarble Thailand, a fast-growing and successful online and mobile game developing company in Asia, to organize Seven Knights Meeting, featuring the game development team from Korea. The event was also joined by Miss Prisana Ratanasuwanasri, Senior Vice President, Postpaid Division, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, and Mr. Kim Gun Woo, CEO of NetMarble Thailand.
     dtac customers will enjoy special privileges, worth over 60 million Baht in total. All postpaid or prepaid customers who play “Seven Knights” will immediately receive 4-star Hero Selectors and extra items when purchasing game items through dtac’s payment channel available in Google Play. “Seven Knights” is an RPG action game from Korea and is currently ranked number one in Southeast Asia and many other countries around the world.
     The partnership with NetMarble, which is ranked in the top 5 in the mobile game industry worldwide and the number one in Asia, stresses dtac’s commitment to deliver the best digital experience and to be the digital service provider of choice through the introduction of digital entertainment to gamers. Mobile games are key value-added services for smartphone users. dtac customers and anybody can download “Seven Knights” mobile game now at App Store and Google Play and follow upcoming activities and special privileges at www.dtac.co.th.