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Celebrate Asalha Puja Day with Incense Stick/Candle Set Giveaway at Every dtac Service Center Nationwide

July 15, 2016 – To celebrate the upcoming Asalha Puja Day, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac will be giving away a set of incense sticks, candles and flowers for the Triple Gem homage paying to customers who pay their monthly bill (1 bill/set), purchase any smartphones with postpaid package subscription, subscribe to a new number, or subscribe to mobile number portability service. Special deal! BLUE MEMBER and dtac reward Xtra customers can get the set for free simply by dialing *140# and showing on-screen message at every dtac service center nationwide. Meanwhile, for those who wish to own a new “Platinum Number” by dtac (in limited number), simply book your favorite quadruple numbers today on dtac website or at dtac service centers.