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dtac attends a focus group on regulation guidelines for mobile phone service charges on 2.1 GHz 1800 MHz and 900 MHz spectrums

July 4, 2016 – dtac attended NBTC’s meeting on mobile phone service fees and suggested that a variety of packages with reasonable rates should be determined by price mechanism.

Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, suggested that a regulator should consider the balance of society interests, both in service operator and subscriber aspects. Operators have to keep expanding their networks and improving their services, including the ecosystem of the mobile phone industry based on fair competition.

In Thailand, the competition of mobile phone market is very intense, so that operators need to offer a variety of service packages to serve customers’ needs appropriately. Whereas, in other countries with the same level of competition as Thailand, there is no service rate regulation. They let the price mechanism freely plays a big role on the matter, such as in the EU countries or even some ASEAN countries. Moreover, the service rates in Thailand is ranked in the lowest group among ASEAN countries.

dtac thinks that the rules will diminish the package development to the market, resulting in lack of package diversity. dtac suggests that price regulations by NBTC should be just optional as price mechanism should freely determine package assortments with reasonable service rates.