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Dentsu media Thailand launches a national campaign “Team Thailand, Millions for One” making a history sparking the Thais rooting for athletes in the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics Games

BANGKOK, 14 June 2016Dentsu media Thailand, a global leading sports marketing and branded content agency seals the deal with the Thai sports community led by National Olympic Committee of Thailand (NOCT), Siam Sports Syndicate Public Company and other partners to launch a campaign “Team Thailand, Millions for One." The campaign officially rolls out for the first time in Thailand to ignite the sports culture and enhance sports ecosystem in the country. The campaign “Team Thailand, Millions for One” will begin to consolidate all Thais into one to cheer for Thai athletes’ troop in major sports events. Team Thailand campaign will begin its thrilling pilot project in the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics Game and will continue towards 2020 Olympics Games in Tokyo, Japan.
Mr. Sarnchatt Chansrakao, Managing Director of Dentsu media Thailand, said the phenomenal campaign “Team Thailand, Millions for One” is a stepping-stone to help refine sports culture as well as enhance sports ecosystem in Thailand for the betterment.  This will also build a better future for Thai athletes and Thai sports community as a whole. This campaign works as a bridge to connect all Thais to build a solidarity network in cheering for all sports players at the domestic, regional and global arenas.
“Dentsu media Thailand is a global leading sports marketing and branded content agency. We believe that our prospects and capability are enabling us to deliver this remarkable campaign to Thai society. We apply our competent skills and qualified know-how to roll out this campaign to promote and advance Thai sports to grow robust and sustainable,” said Mr. Sarnchatt.
Mr. Sarnchatt added that the foundation of the campaign “Team Thailand, Millions for One,” is to showcase the capability of media agency that goes one step ahead. The campaign “Team Thailand” reflects the community engagement and to awaken the Thais to see the importance of sports cheering in various ways. This will also help encourage the spirits and cheering powers to reach a goal.
“Dentsu Inc. in Japan is a global leading sports business which has been awarded to broadcast DNA directly. We are determined to strengthen the agency business in Thailand to grow vigorous and sustainable. We not only develop the strategy for sports marketing but also seek for the community participation to encourage the local to express their voices and think highly of sports. Team Thailand is a significant model to evidence our capability in ushering sports marketing in Thailand. We are proud to initiate and bring this project into reality,” Mr. Sarnchatt said.
Mr. Sarnchatt added that Dentsu media Thailand has served as a core function to liaise with National Olympic Committee of Thailand (NOCT), Siam Sports Syndicate Public Company and other partners from all sectors to make a history by inventing and introducing the campaign “Team Thailand” to the country.
“We cannot thank you enough for the support and opportunity from our partners that commit time and resources to allow us to bring this national campaign into reality. We are immensely proud that we push forward the campaign to the success. The creation of ‘Team Thailand, Millions for One’ is the great challenge. We would like to bring about the sustainable society. We believe that ‘sports’ can bridge all Thais to share the deep and fundamental connection to build a foundation for the betterment of the country,” said Mr. Sarnchatt.
In order to participate in the campaign “Team Thailand, Millions for One”, the Thais are invited to root for athletes by joining any sports events. Alternatively, fans can click like, comment, and share on Facebook to show the cheering power of the Thais to show enthusiasm and pride to the athletes. Please send your support and root for Thai athletes from today onwards at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/teamthailandofficial/
The logo of the campaign “Team Thailand” is designed to display Thainess and unity among the Thai people and
Thai athletes. The logo is composed of a Thai elephant and number 1 in Thai numeral system.
This Facebook page will be the first channel in Thailand for sports lovers to pour cheers and support in one place. In addition, more compelling content and video will be added to tell captivating stories of each Thai athlete who will take part in this coming Olympic Games. It will also be broadcasted on Thai television as well, added Mr. Sarnchatt.
Ms. Nopawan Kiettipirodom, President of Amplifi Thailand, a subsidiary brand of Dentsu Aegis Network Thailand explained the agency has its strong global network and owns the strength in managing strategy, creativity and innovation communication tools under the concept “Innovating the way brands are built.” These key elements can ensure the success of the campaign and bring confidence to its partners.
“The strength of our global network of Dentsu Aegis Network (Thailand) and the capability of Amplify in planning innovative communicating strategies will expand the success to all brands that support the campaign. With the agency's motto “Different and Better”, the campaign “Team Thailand, Millions for One” strategically communicates its target audiences through several channels such as On Line, On Ground and On Air. Moreover, the agency has its strong global network that can support the demands of all clients’ levels. These elements are its core value that has been rigorously upheld,” Ms. Nopawan concluded.
Prof. Charoen Wattanasin, Vice President of the National Olympic Committee of Thailand, disclosed that this is the first-ever campaign in the country, which the public body collaborates with private sectors. The campaign will be beneficial for the Thai sports community as a whole.
The National Olympic Committee of Thailand is a public organization that is responsible for the selection of Thai athletes for competition at the major games such as Olympic Games, Asian Games, and SEA Games.
“The National Olympic Committee of Thailand is very pleased to have collaborated with Dentsu Media Thailand to initiate and develop the campaign “Team Thailand, Millions for One.” As we are building the sports identity of Thailand to the fullest extent, we are determined to make the campaign ‘Team Thailand’ as space for the Thais to give moral support and cheer for local athletes in all sports categories,” said Prof. Charoen.
“All athletes have been putting all their efforts into sports training and made their way to compete in games to build a good reputation to the country, especially this upcoming Olympic Games. The Thai troop of athletes has been willful and primed to sweep the medals. They are gearing up to bring the Thais dignity. I believe that the cheering powers from the entire Thais will make them thrive for success. Therefore, I would like to urge all Thais to be part of our campaign, 'Team Thailand, Millions for One.’ Please join us to root for our athletes!”said Prof. Charoen.
Dr. Sarayuth Mahawaleerat, Managing Director of Siam Sport Syndicate Plc., revealed that Thai people have become enthusiastic about sports, and its popularity has grown tremendously among sports lovers such as fans of football, volleyball, badminton or boxing. Also, we’ve started to see many talent young Thai athletes succeeded at the world stage. This could be a crucial step to lift sports culture to be on a par with the international standard.
“Siam Sport Syndicate has long worked side by side with the Thai sports community. We have helped promote Thai sports in both domestic and international stages. The cheering powers from the Thai fans will push on the Thai athletes to sweep medals at the competitions in this upcoming Olympic Games. Siam Sport Syndicate is pleased to be a key partner in this project. We are willing to promote the campaign so that the Thai people can learn the dedication and efforts of their athletes during the preparation period. The Thais will be joining every moment of victory of Thai Olympians. This will help build on solidarity in Thailand,” concluded Dr. Sarayuth.
Create a new phenomenon and together root for Thai athletes to win “Rio 2016 Olympics Games” towards 2020 Olympics Games in Tokyo, Japan. Join us in the campaign “Team Thailand, Millions for One” today at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/teamthailandofficial/

About Dentsu media (Thailand)
Dentsu media (Thailand) Ltd. is a media agency that is a subsidiary brand of Dentsu Inc. in Japan. From the consolidation of corporations, Dentsu media has become a fast growing company as well as a leading media agency. Dentsu media (Thailand) currently comprises 3 media agency brands, which are Media Palette, Media Matrix and Media Cubic.
Moreover, Dentsu 360 is a subsidiary brand under Dentsu media (Thailand) that aims at providing holistic communication solutions to meet client demands.
Dentsu media Thailand won 2 golds for ‘Thailand Media Agency of the year’ and ‘Thailand Digital Agency of the year’. Moreover, Dentsu media recognized as the most diversified and integrated agency with integration and innovation in Thailand being shortlisted for ‘Southeast Asia Integrated Agency’.
The awards were presented by Campaign Asia Pacific, the leading publication that recognizes advertising and marketing communication agencies that have notable and recognized works globally.
Executives of Dentsu media (Thailand) are Mr. Mitsuyuki Nakamura, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sarnchatt Chansrakao, Managing Director of Dentsu 360 and Media Cubic, Ms. Arveepan Malairat, Executive Director of Media Palette, Ms. Kanokporn Techathammanon, Senior Planning Director of Media Matrix