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Skin specialists introduces healthier skin wall Cellium’s 4 Cosmetic Steps Completely transform skin to be healthy again

Brand Story

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was established in 1999, and has been keeping the customer’s beauty as the main priority for the past 15 years of service.  Wonjin has grown in being the best beauty medical group in Korea, specializing in plastic surgery, dermatology, and anti-aging.  Cellium has been born through Wonjin’s know-hows of treating patients with skin trouble and further research by Wonjin’s skin specialists. “Skin Specialists’ Beauty Solution”

Brand Concept
Cell + Lium = Life Science for Skin + Amazing Change of Skin Cell

Key Ingredient
Why did Cellium focus on Malachite?

-Malachite is the main ingredient of Derma-EX Complex™ (Cellium’s independent ingredient of France raw material), and it protects the skin by preventing external stimulus that may cause skin damage.  Also, Malachite strengthens the damaged skin wall tissues by eliminating active oxygen inside the skin.
Other major ingredients
-Juglans Regia : Improve nutrition supply to skin
-Fagus Sylvatica : Help to sustain the balance of skin

0% of Paraben, Mineral Oil, Benzophenone, Artificial Colors, Artificial Fragrances, Animal Derived Ingredient and Talc. Celliu, excluded all toxin ingredients that can be harmed to the body

Sensitive skin? Inner Change First!
Revealing the secret of Malachite that protects sensitive skin from external stimulation. Malachite is a healing gem that takes care of the skin wall and blocks external stimuli beforehand.

Cellium is a product with Derma-EX-Complex (Malachite) ingredient that prevents skin irritation and has antioxidant functionality. It is a brand that builds a healthy skin wall.

Cellium excluded all toxic ingredients that can be harmful to the body Besides Malachite, Cellium uses Juglans Regia for natural wrinkle-care and Fagus  Sylvatica for whitening effect.  These allow the cells to self-propagate to maintain healthy and young skin.  

The skin layer and balance being damaged by environmental pollution and stress,
Cellium’s 4 Cosmetic Steps will completely transform your skin to be healthy again.

CELLIUM Skin Barrier O2 Cleanser     (90 ml. 1,950 B.-)
A refreshing cleansing foam that brightens skin tone with rich oxygen bubbles

-Soft and fresh cleansing: Rich O2 bubble massages skin softly and makes skin feel refreshing.
-Brighten the skin tone with oxygen : O2 bubbles will get rid of dead skin cells and wastes, making skin brighter.
-Trouble solution for sensitive skin: Fine bubbles minimizes irritation of skin and alleviates skin trouble.

CELLIUM Skin Barrier pH Toner     (110 ทส. 2,500 B.-)
Make whiter and softer skin, functional dual toner for whitening and hydration

-Combination of Nutrition Essence and Hydration Toner functional dual toner consisting of the nutrition essence layer and the hydration toner layer to provide extra moisture to the skin and create a moisture wall to prevent lack of moisture.
-pH balance effect helping to keep the pH balance of skin and giving a brighter skin tone.  
-strengthen the skin wall It removes dead skin cells and prevents dryness.  Also, it stimulates  the skin  turnover to strengthen the skin wall.  

CELLIUM Skin Barrier E Serum     (40 ml. 3,500 B.-)
The vitamin E ingredient will raise the skin’s condition for bright skin

-Vitamin E in a Capsule: Vitamin E that is great at getting rid of free radicals is in the capsule to freshly apply on face.
-Contains ‘betaine’ : It is a serum that contains betaine, which is excellent at maintaining moisture for the skin’s moisture  to last longer.
-Transparent and smooth skin: The vitamin E ingredient raises the skin’s appearance, displaying skin as lively as possible.  

CELLIUM Skin Barrier HA Cream     (50 ml. 3,800 B.-)
Dual functional cream to help strengthen the skin wall

-Strengthen the skin wall : the caper fruit extract that is obtained through supercritical method and the ceramoist ingredient that is obtained from liquid crystal  soft  line method protects the skin from irritants.
-Light gel-type texture: This light gel-type cream is absorbed fast into the skin giving a refreshing feeling.  
-Tight and elastic skin
    Strong moisturizing ability makes skin tight and elastic for

CELLIUM Skin Barrier MO Cream    (50 ml.. 3,800 B.-)
In-depth moisturizing cream, clear moist skin all day
-Cellium’s main ingredient, Malachite: Cellium’s main ingredient, Malachite, protects the skin from    harmful  substances and restores damaged skin wall.
-In-depth moisturization: Ceramoist that is similar to skin structure makes skin moist all day.
-Dual function: Supplies moisture to the skin. Also, it restores any wounds.

CELLIUM UV Spectrum Defense Lotion SPF 50+ PA+++    (50 ml. 1,500 B.-)
No skin irritation, tri-functional sun cream with fast absorption

-Surprisingly light and fresh texture: The sunscreen lotion is not sticky and does not form cloudy spots.  It is softly placed on the skin as a lotion type.
-Strong tri-functional protection effect : Rose Hip seed oil and Macadamia seed oil supports in building a stronger skin wall, making skin care safer.
-Completely screens UV rays : Totally blocks UVA/UVB with SPF50+ PA+++.

CELLIUM UV Spectrum Defense BB SPF 30 PA++    (50 ml. 1,500 B.-)
Tri-functional BB cream: sunscreen, whitening effect, wrinkle-care

-Surprisingly light and fresh texture: The sunscreen lotion is not sticky and does not form cloudy spots.  
It is softly placed on the skin as a lotion type.
-Strong tri-functional protection effect: Rose Hip seed oil and Macadamia seed oil supports in building
a stronger skin wall, making skin care safer.
-Excellent skin relieving effect: Green tea and portulaca extracts soothe the skin from irritation.  

CELLIUM skincare products are now available at Wonjin Beauty Medical Center 4th Floor, Central Embassy,   T. 02 160 5683, www.wonjinshop.com (shopping online)