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Scania recently comes up with a new marketing channel to strike the used truck market

The large size commercial truck market has adjusted itself to take up Thai economic situation that has not fully been recovering so far. For the truck dealer from Europe, Scania has come up with a new marketing channel to capture the used truck market by offering Scania truck trading center for its customers who want to trade in their old Scania trucks for the brand new ones, while this will help new customers to easier own high quality Scania used trucks.
Mr. Yutthana Mahawong, Used Truck Sale Manager, Scania Siam Co., Ltd. revealed the decision to take on used truck market that used truck marketing is considered as another way to response customer’s demand which Scania has strived to reach to every target group with both product and service criterions to suit customers’ business format and usage under the concept ‘Scania Total Solutions’. In addition, used truck market is considered as a new market group for Thailand, but for European countries, Scania has been involving in this market for a long time which Scania has clearly separated Scania used truck group out of its other business section. The reason to start the used truck market in Thailand has derived from the parent company in Sweden foreseeing the capacity of the truck market in Thailand that has strength and good expansion potentiality.
For the guide to the used truck marketing in Thailand, there will be some level of differences from European countries because the law in Europe designates the length of truck’s usage not exceeding 5 – 6 years, then the truck needs to be discarded, while in Thailand, each truck can be used more than 10 years which Scania needs to consider the price rate based on the actual truck condition before offering to its customers.
After studying the used truck market and starting Scania used truck market since the end of 2015, the feedbacks were quite good with the great number of customers contacting Scania service center located across the country regarding this service. For target group, Scania will primarily focus on the group of Scania customers which normally, this group of customers always trades in Scania used trucks from one to another, but after Scania has started Scania used truck market, it has given more convenience for both old  and new customers because when old customer wants to change a new truck, they can immediately trade in their old trucks with Scania for a brand new truck, while for those traded in truck, Scania will check the truck condition and repair the broken parts before offering to a new customer who wants to buy Scania used truck once again.
      Used truck market opening this time is considered to significantly give convenience to customers because this will help promote Scania as One Stop Service center which Scania has the database of every Scan truck so this can help Scania to give reasonable and fair price rate for both buyer and seller. Today Scania Siam Co., Ltd. offers several series of Scania trucks which customers can choose to suit their own transporting business category and help them to increase more business profits.