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dtac launches game-changing phenomenon for music lovers with ‘dtac MUSIC INFINITE’

The music streaming service with no data charge set to transform how the digital generation enjoys their music.

May 29, 2016 – dtac takes leading position in music streaming service today as it joined forces with seven leading music streaming apps to unleash digital limit and introduce a new, richer music experience by launching ‘dtac MUSIC INFINITE’. The game changer from dtac addresses the lifestyle of digital generations who have a passion for music, allowing them to fully enjoy music streaming contents with no data charge. Being Thailand’s first and only operator to do so, dtac is confident that its new service will see excellent market response and attract more than one million users.

Mr. Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac said “dtac aspires to be the customers’ favorite partner in digital life, so we endlessly develop services that will enable everyone to enjoy better digital experiences,”
  1. Mr. Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer dtac (Middle)
  2. Miss Prisana Ratanasuwanasri, Senior Vice President, Head of Postpaid Division dtac (second left)
  3. Mr. Sigvart Voss Eriksen, Chief Marketing Officer dtac (right)
  4. Mr. Sarut Vanichpun, Digital Creator (left)
  5. Mr. Supavas Prohmvitak, Vice President, Head of Prepaid Division (second right)

“Figures show that the number of people who listen to music via streaming apps has risen by 15 folds over the past year. Regular users of music streaming services would use an average of 1.2 GB mobile data per month to listen to online music alone. As a mobile broadband service provider with full of dynamism, dtac always caters our services to consumer behaviors. We are therefore taking yet another bold move to unleash digital limit, introducing the new ‘dtac MUSIC INFINITE’ service to privilege dtac customers and delight the digital generations who have a passion for music.”

     “dtac MUSIC INFINITE will bring great pleasure to music lovers in the digital generation, giving them an ultimate experience of worry-free music streaming and the freedom to enjoy music from their favorite artists without the boundary of record labels,” he continued. “With no mobile data charge from the data quota in their service plans, the users can enjoy music streaming via seven leading apps—Apple Music, COOLISM, Deezer, JOOX, KKBOX, LINE MUSIC and TIDAL. It is the game changer that will unleash digital limit of mobile music streaming. Plus, this service truly is the digital disruption that will enrich the lifestyle of consumers. By launching this service, dtac is the first and the only digital service provider in Thailand to make music streaming accessible to consumers anywhere, anytime, and without data charge.”

“dtac believes that our MUSIC INFINITE service will set off a new era of music streaming and also win a highly-favorable market response as an online music streaming service with no data charge. We are confident that more than one million users will join the superior music streaming experience from our new service by the end of this year,” Lars said.
From left-right
  1. Miss Yadapanit Phonearn, Marketing Director, Universal Music Thailand
  2. Mr. Phawit Chitrakorn, Chief Marketing Officer, GMM Grammy Plc.
  3. Mr. Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer dtac
  4. Mr. Supachai Nilawan, Senior Executive Vice President – Music Business, RS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED
  5. Miss Khaunkhaow Waitayakul, Business Development Manager - Warner Music Thailand
  6. Miss Aurawan Wiratanapokin, Digital Director - BEC-TERO

To set music streaming in motion in an upbeat mood, dtac also gave the public a new experience of music complete with 360° live streaming by holding a ‘World Music Streaming Day by dtac’.
From left-right
  1. Prinn Muensuksaeng, Deputy Managing Director COOLISM 
  2. Steven Frank, Head of Business Development, Asia Pacific, Deezer
  3. Peter May, Head of New Product Strategy and Business Development, Sanook Online Limited
  4. Mr. Sarut Vanichpun, Digital Creator
  5. Mr. Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer dtac
  6. Miss Prisana Ratanasuwanasri, Senior Vice President, Head of Postpaid Division dtac
  7. Andrew Ho, SEA Managing Director, KK BOX
  8. Dan Zonmani, Content Business & Marketing Director, LINE Corporation

The event was livestreamed music performances of Thailand’s 17 leading artists simultaneously from two stages, one on Parc Paragon and the other on CentralWorld Square, with limitless of record labels. Sharing the stages of this free concert were Stamp Apiwat, Singto Numchok, Potato, Lipta, Scrubb, Slot Machine, Musketeers, Gancore Club, Jetset’er, J Jetrin, Moderndog, Palmy, Cocktail, Lula, Gene Kasidit, Baitoey RSiam, and Beer The Voice. Together, they delivered a seven-hour music experience that delighted both the concert-goers and music lovers who watched the live streaming on www.dtac.co.th/live.

Top management team of Total Access Communication PLC.
together with music application partners and leading music labels

dtac MUSIC INFINITE service is available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. dtac post-paid and  pre-paid customers* can register for this music streaming service either via ‘dtac MUSIC INFINITE’ app, downloadable from the App Store and Google Play, or by pressing *699# on their phone and press call. The registration is open from today until October 31, 2016, offering the validity until January 5, 2017. For more information, contact dtac call center 1678 or visit www.dtac.co.th

In addition, dtac has prepared numerous privileges co-provided by the partnered music apps especially for the users of dtac MUSIC INFINITE service**.

* dtac post-paid customers with a monthly plan of 399 baht and more / dtac pre-paid customers with an add-on weekly data plan of 59 baht and more or a monthly data plan of 199 baht and more
** Privileges for dtac customers: one-month free subscription to Deezer (worth 155 baht); one-month free subscription to KKBOX (worth 89 baht); free subscription to LINE MUSIC for first 300,000 dtac customers; two-month free subscription to TIDAL (worth 716 baht). Register for the privileges on dtac MUSIC INFINITE app.