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dtac begins its journey to become Digital Organization

May 24, 2016 – Total Access Communication PLC or dtac announces its journey and development plan to become an Employer of Choice or a company that young digital citizens dream to work for. The company aims to attract top talent to help establish itself as a Digital Talent Powerhouse that builds digital talent and helps them succeed.  

Mr. Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer of dtac, said, “To achieve our goal to become the leading digital brand of choice in the digital era, we have to start a digital transformation of our organization and people, based on the 3 principles: 1) To foster startup spirit and create ‘Intrapreneurship’ among employees. We have recently launched “Ignite Incubator” program that invites employees to submit an idea, develop a prototype, and launch a product ready for daily use within a 3-month period. 2) To create a collaboration work environment and innovation organization. We are the first company in Thailand to implement facebook@work to improve internal communication, create digital awareness and drive the company toward a digital organization. 3) To equip employees with all-round digital skills to support our future marketing strategy.”

Miss Nardrerdee Arj-Harnwongse, Chief People Officer of dtac, said, “dtac is committed to becoming an Employer of Choice in the digital industry, which has triggered a major transformation for dtac. We focus on people development since people are important and valuable resources to the organization. We have invested in new recruiting channels, such as Long D with dtac and Management Trainee program, to identify, develop, and retain digital employees, especially top talent. Human Capital Management is very important as it helps our organization maintain efficiency, reduce the loss of skilled and experienced employees, and lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.”