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‘CMO SHOW Corp’ unveils ‘Himmapan Avatar’ – the most elaborate and most spectacular fairyland show ever produced in ASEAN and one that is set to be a phenomenal Thai cultural showcase

  • Bht 800 million invested in the production of ‘Himmapan Avatar’ covering 5,000 square metres of SHOW DC’s 5th floor, and brings to life a fairy tale in the real world

  • CMO’s experienced team (which produced ‘The River of Kings’) guarantees the show’s excellence 

  • For the first time in Thailand and ASEAN, ‘The Spectacular Walk-Through 4D Experience’ complete with 4-dimensional holographic technology and full-on light & sound brings a realistic journey into the Himmapan World

  • Expects to attract 1.6 million Thai and international visitors per year and establish Thailand as the region’s cultural and entertainment hub   
(2 executives at center) Mr. Sermkhun Kunawong, Chief Executive Officer of CMO Public Co., Ltd. and Mr. Chayaditt Hutanuwatra, Chairman of SHOW DC Corp Ltd., together with executive team and show crew in the launch event of “Himmapan Avatar”

Bangkok (12 May 2016) – CMO SHOW Corp Ltd., the company formed under a partnership between two retail and entertainment powerhouses - ‘SHOW DC Corp Ltd.’, developer and operator of SHOW DC, Thailand’s first retail and entertainment mega-complex and ‘CMO Public Co., Ltd.’, ASEAN’s largest fully-integrated event organization company specialising in mixed media art and light & sound system - held a press conference today to unveil ‘Himmapan Avatar’ – The Spectacular Walk-Through 4D Experience’.  It will be the first of its kind in Thailand and ASEAN for a 4-dimensional presentation of Thai culture through the imaginary tale of Himmapan Forest which promises to take the audience on a journey into fairyland.  Himmapan Avatar is an important show designed to attract Thai and international visitors.  

Produced with an investment of Bht 800 million, Himmapan Avatar will premiere in September 2016 at Himmapan Avatar Theatre covering a vast area of 3 rai (5,000 square metre) on SHOW DC’s 5th floor with seats for 750 spectators per show.  There will be six 75-minute shows daily. Tickets at Bht 1,500 per head.  For more information, go to www.himmapanavatar.com or call 02-203-1888.  
Mr. Sermkhun Kunawong, Chief Executive Officer of CMO Public Co., Ltd. and Mr. Chayaditt Hutanuwatra, Chairman of SHOW DC Corp Ltd. in partnership to launch “Himmapan Avatar”

Mr. Chayaditt Hutanuwatra, Chairman of SHOW DC Corp Ltd., said, “SHOW DC is very happy to have joined a business partner like CMO in forming ‘CMO SHOW Corp Ltd.’ to create and produce Himmapan Avatar as an unprecedented Thai cultural spectacle.  The two partners share a vision to make Thailand a centre for world-class performances or shows that offer a complete cultural and entertainment experience to further strengthen Thailand’s economy and tourism.”

Mr. Sermkhun Kunawong, Chief Executive Officer of CMO Public Co., Ltd., said,    “On behalf of CMO SHOW Corp, we are committed to offering the latest in entertainment combining spectacular technology with outstanding Thai cultural identity in an unprecedented way while making an impact on Thailand’s entertainment production.  Behind the production of Himmapan Avatar is the highly-experienced team that produced the spectacular ‘The River of Kings’ which attracted 100,000 spectators.’”

“What makes Himmapan Avatar outstanding is the use of Thailand and ASEAN’s most elaborate cutting-edge technology to ensure a ‘Spectacular Walk-Through 4D Experience’.  The audience will not only enjoy a virtual experience, it will also be immersed in a journey inside the legendary Himmapan Forest.  Another totally exciting experience for spectators is the 4-dimensional holographic presentation of gods and creatures such as the God of Sun, God of Moon, God of Darkness and The Angel.  As testament to the international standard of the show’s aesthetic and technical aspects, we have recruited a talented cast as well as professional scriptwriters while composition designers have also joined our team.  

Mr. Chayaditt added that: “Himmapan Avatar will offer a new dimension in viewing experience for Thai and international visitors and showcase the potentials of SHOW DC where its central location in the Chaturathit-Rama IX central business district welcomes its ‘Shop & Enjoy’ concept where all shopping and entertainment needs are gathered in one place.  And with the international capability of ‘CMO SHOW Corp’ to produce a great show, we believe that Himmapan Avatar will attract as many as 1.6 million spectators a year.”

Atmosphere of the launch event of “Himmapan Avatar”

Himmapan Avatar will be showing on the 5th floor of SHOW DC in an area covering  5,000 square metres.  The venue for the show has been designed to allow the audience to enjoy the special experience in all its aesthetic dimension including a full-on light & sound and multimedia technology.  It will open in September 2016 with six shows daily at 75 minutes/show.  Tickets will cost Bht 1,500 per head.  For more information, go to www.himmapanavatar.com or call 02-203-1888.

SHOW DC mega-complex comes complete with a wide range of retail and entertainment offerings for visitors to shop and enjoy to suit every lifestyle.  It also has all other facilities such as parking spaces, a tourist service centre and crowd management system.  SHOW DC is conveniently located in Bangkok’s Chaturathit-Rama IX central business district near Si Rat Expressway Entrance/Exit (Rama IX and Asoke), close to Makkasan Airport Rail Link Station, Petchaburi and Rama IX MRT Stations.