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dtac hosts “Believe in digital dtac” distributor conference 2016

May 4, 2016 – Mr. Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Allan Bonke, Chief Sales Officer, and the management team of Total Access Communication PLC or dtac hosts “Distributor Conference 2016” for distributors from all over Thailand to boost their confidence in the new distribution model developed to increase the strength and sustainable growth of distributors in each region. The distribution remodeling focuses on enhancing the capabilities of sales teams, empowers the distributors to manage resources and territories, and allows them to use sales tools for in-depth analysis to increase revenue and distribution channels for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
dtac reinforces its goal to become a leading digital brand via Loved by Customer and Engaging Digital Products strategies, which aim to create digital products and services and marketing opportunities. dtac also confirms its readiness to provide 4G 1800 MHz service in all 77 provinces of Thailand within 2016 and shares its plan for future business.

In addition, dtac has continuously launched marketing campaigns for new digital services and introduced new dtac smartphones for today’s customers.

The event includes the announcement of Distributor Campaign 2015 awards given to distributors who have achieved the highest prepaid revenue growth in each region and the lucky winner of a BMW 320i Luxury from the eligible distributors.
Distributors with the highest prepaid revenue growth in 2015 include:

1. NN Telecom Co., Ltd from Phitsanulok, North region
2. Ubon Muang Thong Co., Ltd. from Ubon Ratchathani, Northeast region
3. Choktanyada Limited Partnership from Petchaburi, South & West region

The winner of BMW 320i Luxury is Choktanyada Limited Partnership from Petchaburi, South & West region.