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TMB has now added One Asset Management Limited (ONEAM) as its sixth partner

TMB Rejoices over Warm Response to “TMB Open Architecture: Freedom of Investment”
Adds One Asset Management Limited to Bolster the Project’s Strengths,
Purchases of ONE ULTRA Fund’s Units Come with Free Health Insurance
TMB has now added One Asset Management Limited (ONEAM) as its sixth partner in the "TMB Open Architecture" . Being a subsidiary of an international group, ONEAM boasts excellent risk management system. Its highlight is ONE-ULTRA Fund, which offers free health insurance and seeks to deliver an annual yield of six per cent. Recognizing volatility in the investment climate this year, TMB encourages investors to check out interesting stock options overseas. Diversifications through overseas investments is now conveniently possible via TMB Global Quality Growth Fund. 
Mr.Roel Huisman, Chief Retail Banking Officer ,TMB, reveals that One Asset Management Limited (ONEAM) has now become the sixth partner of the TMB Open Architecture. True to its slogan of “Great Range of Quality Funds from Famous Brands is here”, this project presents to its customers various investment choices. Customers, therefore, have opportunities to enjoy a better rate of returns as several leading securities firms make a great variety of funds available to them. Owned by KGI Securities, ONEAM is a part of an international group. In Thailand, ONEAM has the biggest assets under management of all securities firms that are not owned by banks. The exceptional strength of ONEAM lies with its excellent approach to risk management.
ONEAM is now pleased to present ONE-ULTRA, a mixed fund that invests in stock, property and debt instruments. The percentage of investments are 15, 40, and 45 respectively. ONE-ULTRA aims to generate six-per-cent yield annually through cautious management and minimization of volatility. Another outstanding condition of ONE-ULTRA is that free health insurance will be available to investors who buy a sizable amount of the fund’s units. Coverage provides benefits to both outpatients (up to Bt2,000 per medical visit) and outpatients (room fee of up to Bt4,000/day, surgeon fee at Bt35,000, and other medical expenses of up to Bt35,000). 

Launched in mid-2014, TMB Open Architecture initially had five partners. All of them were leading securities firms with expertise in various types of assets, namely Aberdeen Asset Management Company Limited, CIMB-Principal Asset Management Company Limited, Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) Company Limited, TMB Asset Management Company Limited, and UOB Asset Management (Thailand) Company Limited. Since its launch, the TMB Open Architecture project has won very warm response from investors. At the end of 2015, its net assets totaled Bt182.983 billion marking an increase of 18.56 percent year on year. The industry’s growth rate over the same period was in fact at 6.68 per cent only. The ratio of TMB Asset Management’s and partners’ assets in the project was at 78:22. This year, TMB has introduced several new funds in a bid to increase customers’ investment opportunities. There are funds for investing in the United States, Japan and Europe. As stocks around the world are expected to be volatile in 2016, TMB finds it important for investors to diversify their portfolio. Investors with a greater range of choices usually have an upper edge. As they have more alternatives for diversification, they on the overall can reduce risks better.
Recommended is the open-end TMB Global Quality Growth Fund. This fund has invested in stocks around the world, opting for quality firms that pursue sustainable growth and generate regular returns for shareholders. The fund’s unit price is relatively not high when compared with its performance in terms of cash flow and constant development of the fundamentals. TMB Global Quality Growth Fund, in all, is a perfect choice for investors who wish to reduce risks by seeking overseas investment opportunities. During the past three years, the master fund of the Global Quality Growth Fund has achieved 13.70-per-cent rate of returns. According to the MSCI World, stock options in the world have delivered just 3.67-per-cent yield on average during the period.
In addition, TMB would like to recommend the TMB Aggregate Bond Fund. Investing in debt instruments, this fund is a low-risk type. It is recommended for people who have just started investing and preferred a low-risk fund, or investors who wish to include some low-risk options in their portfolio. TMB Aggregate Bond Fund has bought fixed-income securities that have the duration of between one to four years. According to information as of February 29, 2016, this fund has generated the yield of 2.65 percent during the past year. 
“On the overall, TMB believes that the funds industry will be able to achieve significant growth and that 2016 should be a good year for investments. Factors that have made various markets so volatile have already bottomed out. Today, signs of the world’s economic recovery are getting clearer. In such circumstances, investors are expected to be more accepting to higher-risk investments. TMB has thus prepared various excellent funds for investors to choose. With us, our customers can place their investments in various corners of the world,”
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