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dtac to Celebrate Songkran Festival with Water-Saving Activities Free Waterproof Glasses & Pouch Giveaway at dtac Service Center Nationwide

April 11, 2016Mr. Lars Norling, Chief Executive Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, wishes dtac customers a Happy Songkran with dtac freebie giveaways – waterproof glasses for any postpaid bill payment valued 500 baht or more and waterproof pouch for customers who purchase any smartphones with postpaid plan subscription, register a new dtac number/use Mobile Number Portability service with subscription of 499 baht or more. Special offer! BLUE MEMBER and dtac reward Xtra customers can simply receive the freebie of their choice by dialing *140# and showing on-screen message. Don’t miss the privilege at every dtac service center nationwide during April 12-14, 2016. Details on dtac’s latest promotions, such as Super Non-Stop and Super Sale etc., are also available at dtac service center. 

He also furthered, “Due to the current water shortage situation in Thailand, dtac would like to support the Thai government’s initiative to save the scarce amount of water. One of the good ideas is to switch from using a bowl to a water gun in Songkran Festival. Merit making and pouring water over the palms of elders are also ways to show our respect to the Thai tradition in this festival.”

As immediate response to water-saving Songkran Festival 2016 policies by the Thai government and Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, dtac will be hosting Songkran activities with no water needed, under “Sard Sook Sanook 3 Times More” concept. Gearing towards the digital era, dtac hopes its so-called digital Songkran activities to create happiness among customers and drive their awareness about the 3 times-faster Super 4G service. dtac’s digital Songkran activities in the North will take place in Chiang Mai, for the 9th consecutive year, during April 13-15, 2016 from 1 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Maneenopparat Road. Participants will get to enjoy “Bullet Time” activity of still photo and VDO shooting and unlimited social media share, as well as a number of stage performances by Natayasilapin Sipan Collection, 2 famous DJs, local music band and “Sard Sanook” dance crew. For the Northeast, be prepared to experience the same pleasure in Khon Kaen, for the 5th consecutive year, during April 13-15, 2016 from 3 p.m. – 9 p.m. on Khao Niew Road. The fun water fighting event will be broadcasted live by Go pro and uploaded digitally via dtac’s official Facebook page. Receive free water and mobile phone charging service at the recharge bar at dtac booth while letting yourself entertained by stage performances of 2 famous DJs, local music band and “Sard Sanook” dance crew.