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DOHOME has launched a new online shopping site; WWW.DOHOME.CO.TH with an investment of THB200 million.

It will serve the construction materials needs in Thailand 24 hours a day.
    DOHOME has launched a new online trading channel (E-commerce) to serve the online shopping market in Thailand with an investment budget of 200 million baht. DOHOME wants to expand its domestic market with 200,000 products on offer, and will deliver to its customers between 3-7 days of an order placed.
     Mr Marauy Tangmitrpracha is the Executive Director of DOHOME Ltd which is dealer‘s company for the construction material products, under the band name DOHOME. “DOHOME” has launched the new trading channel as E-commerce to serve the online shopping market in Thailand with the investment budget of 200 million baht.
The DOHOME’s website is www.dohome.co.th has its launch today with 200,000 construction material products that covers the target customers needs, builders, constructors and households. The company also has a free delivery service to deliver their products to customers between 3-7 days.
     “DOHOME wants to expand its domestic market to serve the demand growth of construction material products. Thailand’s construction materials market is continuing to grow because of the government infrastructure investment projects, such as re-building roads, the building of new roads and railways; which is stimulated by the demand of new residential and commercial projects. So, the demand of construction materials is on the rise.” He said.
     DOHOME expects to be a leader of furniture and  decoration items in the online market in Thailand and will serve the demand of customers 24 hours a day. This year the company has plans to increase the cosmetics sector and IT sector on the website too and also plans to sell its products online to the global market.
“The online market is an opportunity market that has a high growth. It will serve the customers demands.” He said.
     DOHOME is a materials dealer in the construction industry in Ubon Ratchathani, in the Northeast of Thailand. It has expanded its business from the province to the center of Thailand and it has more than 33 years experience.
     At present, the company has branches in Thailand including Ubon Ratchathani, Nakorn Ratchasima, Khon Kean, Udonthani Rama2, Bang Bua Thong, Rungsit Klong 7and Chiang Mai. The new online service is known as “the 9th branch.” DOHOME’s sale revenue in 2015 at 17 billion baht.