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Sophos and Cyberoam Set Sight on Strong Growth in Thailand’s IT Security Market

After launching its £1 billion IPO on the London Stock Exchange, Sophos, a global leader in network and endpoint security, is rapidly making inroads in Thailand’s cyber security market. The company is confident of maintaining a strong momentum as it leverages consistent growth fuelled by the emerging economies in Asia, and Thailand is one such nation. As Thailand makes strong economic progress, cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated in Thailand. According to some reports, Thailand was among the hardest hit nations in Southeast Asia in 2015.
While businesses are aware of the rising sophistication in cyber-attacks, very few of them have effective defense against new age targeted attacks. The rising number of advanced persistent threats (APT) and data breaches has put organizations on high alert. Effective and non-disruptive security solutions that support the adoption of the latest technologies in cloud computing, mobility and virtualization among enterprises are therefore in demand.
Capitalising on this opportunity, Sophos is rapidly extending its reach in the cyber security market in Thailand.
With the conclusion of its first-ever Partner Conference in Thailand last year, which was a huge success that saw attendance from 65 delegates from 30 partner organisations, Sophos has expanded its network of distributors and resellers to make Sophos offerings even more accessible to customers throughout the country. It now has three distributors in Thailand – Vrcomm, Ingram Micro, and ERong, which has joined the Sophos channel network through the Cyberoam acquisition.
The company also took the opportunity to announce Synchronised Security and Sophos Security Heartbeat. Sophos Security Heartbeat™ introduces a new era of synchronized security technology which, for the first time, shares security intelligence and automates coordinated response between endpoint and network security solutions to protect a business faster, without the intervention of an IT security expert.
Sophos is the only vendor to have developed such an intelligent detection and automated incident response system that links endpoint and network security. Security Heartbeat is available today with the new Sophos XG Series of next-generation firewalls and UTMs, and Sophos next-generation endpoint protection.
The combined channel presence of Cyberoam and Sophos makes Sophos a formidable security vendor in the regional market. By focusing on making security simple to deploy and use, Sophos continues to innovate to provide solutions that cater to specific business needs across different industry verticals. Sophos also has the distinction of being one of the very few companies that have a strong presence in the Network Protection, Enduser Protection and Server Protection markets. With its stronghold in all three security domains, Sophos provides exceptional value to small and medium businesses (SMBs) – a market segment that has been left highly underserved by other vendors.
Both Sophos and Cyberoam are dedicated to making security simple and are focused on the same customer segment of SMBs and ‘pragmatic enterprises” of any size.
Ensuring network security is an ongoing challenge for SMBs as they typically do not have the necessary resources unlike larger organisations that can create a robust security defense with solutions catered to large enterprises.
SMBs face the same level of threat complexity as large enterprises do. They too require comprehensive security solutions. Sophos’s mission is to be the best in the world at delivering complete IT security – software, hardware appliances and cloud-based services – to protect SMBs and help them focus on their businesses instead of dealing with cyber security threats.
Sophos has always appealed to organizations that need enterprise-caliber IT security in an offering that’s simple enough that even the smallest businesses and the most overburdened IT administrator can simply and easily deploy it.

One such simple solution is Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices (RED) which makes it possible for organisations to secure remote locations with a simple plug-n-play device. Sophos RED takes care of contacting the company firewall and establishing VPN tunnel, without any technical skills requirement at the remote site.  
While such innovations make it a strong favourite among end users, the company is aware that wining the trust of partners is equally important.
Sophos is the only “Channel First” security company with 100% channel sales, where it designs and engineers its products with the channel firmly in mind.
Both Cyberoam and Sophos share a commitment to a “Channel First“ sales strategy, and that commitment will only deepen as the companies come together. Over time, the combined company will look to leverage the strengths of both channel programs to ensure all partners can benefit from the expanded opportunities that a combined company offers.

Meanwhile, the ongoing consolidation process augurs well for both Sophos and Cyberoam customers since Cyberoam’s existing customers continue to benefit from new technology without having to worry about their support and subscriptions. This approach has allowed seamless integration of both companies’ partner ecosystems.
Talking about the strategy for regional business growth, Mr Sumit Bansal- Director of ASEAN and Korea, Sophos commented “It has been a remarkable year for Sophos. With the release of Sophos Security Heartbeat, we are confident of even higher growth for our partners as they now get more upselling and cross-selling opportunities. We are certain our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will translate well into overall business growth in 2016.”