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MQDC overwhelmed by strong presales of ‘Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra’

“Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra” – a superior quality condominium development located next to the BTS Talat Phlu Station and opposite The Mall Thapra
Mr. Thanomsak Kaeokhiao, Deputy Operating Chief Officer of MQDC
  • Better-than-expected response in contrast with condominium market in Thapra area; Sales reach 80% after the presales start for only one day
  • Line of customers waiting overnight becomes talk of the town
Bangkok (16 March 2016) – It was an overwhelming success beyond imagination for Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra, a superior quality condominium development next to the BTS Talat Phlu Station from MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation as only one day after its presales launch on Saturday 12 March, 80% of the project had been booked.  Interested customers queued up even from early in morning of Friday and they sat in line for one day and one night awaiting the presales – enough to be an overnight talk of the town.
Mr. Thanomsak Kaeokhiao, Deputy Operating Chief Officer of MQDC, the owner and developer of quality residences and Whizdom-branded mixed-use development projects, said, ‘Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra’, which boasts an excellent location of just one minute to and from the BTS Talat Phlu Station,  opposite The Mall Thapra, and a design that reflects the value of the Talat Phlu area combining a garden home atmosphere with a complete range of facilities and amenities needed to live a modern city lifestyle, has enjoyed an excellent response from its target customers.  The response is in contrast with the condominium market in the Thapra area and has become a talk of the town.  It was beyond our expectations and could be called a phenomenon once again for MQDC that the customers had queued up overnight for the presales.  As a result, 80% of the project had been booked in just one day after the presales.  We will put the remaining 20% of the project on sale during the Grand Opening event on 26 March
and we expect to enjoy a great customer response so we can close our sales within the first quarter of this year.”
Line of customers waiting at the Sales Gallery
Presales date of “Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra”

“The success of Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra stems from a major component in the development and creation of the project to be exemplary and different in terms of its meticulous design that reflects the value of the Talat Phlu area, a complete range of facilities and amenities to improve resident’s life quality, comprehensive research and development to ensure residents’ comfort and living quality regardless of type of residence as well as a 30-year warranty that covers 4 categories including building structure endurance, roof/ceiling fissure, windows and doors usage, and pipeline leakage.  All of this further reinforces the project’s promise and superior quality.  It contributes to the great response from our target customers and the general public contrary to the outlook for the condominium market in the Thapra area,” said Mr. Thanomsak.
“Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra” show units
Spacious Lobby
Fitness Lounge that allows everyone to see the view of swimming pool, offering comfortable atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after exercise
Glass House Sky Lounge with a 7-metre ceiling simulating a rooftop greenhouse for residents to sit back and relax, read books, work, or party

MQDC recently uploaded a special animated video that has a concise and easy-to-understand content to communicate with its target customers and the general public so they understand the main idea and important details of R&D work behind the Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra development as to how it will help improve residents’ quality of life and promote a good environment for surrounding communities such as by positioning the building for less sunlight and more wind exposure, the type and size selection of plants to reduce noise pollution, dust and smoke, the choice of type and installation areas for air conditioners to enhance health and safety, the ergonomic design of spaces for resident’s comfort and convenience as well as high standard of security system.  The video can be viewed on youtube.com.  Simply look up for Whizdom Station Ratchada Thapra: Research & Development or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6blyWu30BpQ


MQDC or Magnolia Quality Development Corporation is one of Thailand’s premier property developers.  It focuses on creating high quality residential developments which integrate research and advanced technology to offer better design that uplifts the quality of life of residents while also creating a great environment for their neighbourhoods and surrounding communities.

Whizdom are condominium projects of quality for new generations. Every component is designed to be environmental friendly and able to meet residents’ need and satisfaction on a daily basis.  Most importantly, Whizdom-branded condominiums are located in convenient areas, suitable for living and buyers who seek ways of life in the future as well as those who wish for a household that fosters quality lifestyle and self-development, leading to success on their career paths, whereas time for other activities and infinite learning remains abundant in order to make every day joyous and worth sharing with everyone in the society.