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IMPACT ready to take steps toward MICE sustainability

(March 2016) In response to TCEB’s MICE Sustainability Thailand scheme, IMPACT is committed to reducing energy consumption by 3% annually in order to help lower its energy costs from the current record of over 200 million baht per year. The company will discuss the matter with IMPACT GROWTH REIT unit holders and seek their approval for construction of solar rooftop which will support its energy conservation policy strictly implemented in alignment with the ISO 50001 for energy management standard. Additionally, it purchases organic rice from local farmers for its catering services, giving the clients the opportunity to help promote the sustainable development of local communities.      
According to Mr. Paul Kanjanapas, Managing Director of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., the operator of IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani, the company spends over 200 million baht annually on energy costs. The company has implemented energy cost reduction measures under the ISO 50001 for energy management standard, aiming to promote efficient energy management, reduce energy costs, ease global warming, and minimize environmental impacts in order to achieve energy sustainability and more efficient customer service.        
IMPACT continues to strive to reduce its energy consumption, especially electricity that accounts for 90% of the total energy used in comparison with other types of energy such as water and gasoline. The combined electricity cost of the four building including IMPACT ARENA, IMPACT Exhibition Center, IMPACT Forum, and IMPACT Challenger is around 190 million baht per year. According to the company’s electricity consumption statistics, air conditioning alone consumes the highest amount of electricity, accounting for 80%, followed by lighting which accounts for 20%. Therefore, IMPACT aims to reduce electricity consumption by 3% per year which will save around 6-8 million baht.          
In order to achieve the goal, IMPACT has invested in installations of energy efficient equipment such as cooling tower filler, LED light bulbs and condenser water pumps installed in buildings as well as encouraging employees to do their part to save electricity. The efforts have paid off. Last year, January-December 2015, the company was able to save electricity costs of 7,474,228.72 baht. Following the success, IMPACT plans to invest in solar rooftop project to generate electricity for IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center. The company will propose the project to IMPACT Growth REIT unit holders during the next meeting, and afterwards will consult with experts from Singapore regarding the investment.        
Ms. Ruangsiri Khomsiri, F&B Purchasing Manager, added that IMPACT has also joined the MICE Sustainability Thailand scheme initiated by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB. The company supports local communities by purchasing organic rice directly from farmers to be used for its catering services and restaurants. IMPACT buys 75-150 sacks of rice or approximately 3.75-7 tons per month (depending on the number of events), total spending of 1.95 million baht per year.  
In addition to organic rice, IMPACT also plans to purchase other agricultural produce including fruit and vegetables from local farmers. TCEB will provide IMPACT and participating hotels with information about agricultural suppliers. IMPACT is ready and delighted to extend support to Thai farmers as well as giving the clients the opportunity to help promote the sustainable development of local communities.


About IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center
“IMPACT Muang Thong Thani” is Asia's leading venue equipped with state-of-the-art integrated facilities that offer the ultimate choice for business success on more than 140,000 square meters of floor space. The Center comprises four large multi-purposed buildings, namely IMPACT ARENA, IMPACT Exhibition Center, IMPACT Forum and IMPACT Challenger featuring two large ballrooms, 55 breakout meeting rooms and two outdoor venues including AKTIV Square and IMPACT Lakeside as well as eight IMPACT restaurants and more than
30 international dining outlets, plus a 4-star 380-room Novotel Bangkok IMPACT Hotel. Additionally, the Center provides six outdoor and three indoor parking areas that can accommodate up to 15,000 vehicles.

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