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Hooters is a Championship Racing Success Drives Home with 4 Motorsport Wins

     Pattaya, March 2016 -  American dining and sports bar Hooters has proved it is on the right track when it comes to success, with four wins at the Toyo 3K Racing Car Thailand 2016 Championship; an impressive achievement especially since Hooters was a first-time entrant in the races. Experienced Swiss driver, Urs Schoenenberger claimed victory at the Pattaya Bira Track over the three day event from March 4th- 6th, 2016. Driving a BMW E36 with a 3000cc turbo engine and 490 horsepower, plus a BMW E30 with 2500 cc turbo engine and 435 horsepower, Urs took home wins in Class F5A, F6T and C62 for Hooters, as well as second place in the C6 open class.