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dtac pleases Chiang Rai by providing Super 4G, the fastest 4G available, and signs MOU to support Chiangrai United FC during 2016 Thai Premier League

March 12, 2016 – dtac have been aggressively expanding Super 4G network in Northern Area to give Chiang Rai people super-fast mobile internet covering important communities around the province. Moreover, to please Chiangrai United FC fans, dtac has become an official partner with Chiangrai United FC, the number one football club from the Northern Area in the Thai Premier League. dtac gives free tickets to customers to see and support their beloved team in every home game including activities with their favorite football players all year.

Pakorn Manoromphatrasan, Head of Business – North, Total Access Communication PLC, said “dtac has expanded Super 4G network in several provinces in the Northern Region including Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. dtac plans to expand our 4G-1800 MHz coverage to 77 provinces by the 2nd quarter of this year. Super 4G service offers the 3X speed on 4G-1800 MHz spectrum with the bandwidth increased from 5 MHz to 15 MHz. This will bring Chiang Rai people Super 4G experience on using internet with Line, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or watching movies or video streaming without interruption.
The partnership between dtac and Chiangrai United FC is a strategic alliance which has been rigid since last year. dtac has launched Super 4G in Chiang Rai and in United Stadium to provide Chiang Rai people and football fans smooth-and-effective mobile internet. Latest, dtac just signed a contract with Chiangtai United FC in supporting the club during 2016 Thai Premier League. dtac’s logo will be on Chiang Rai kit and free-tickets are given away for dtac customers to see and support their beloved club in every home game including activities with their favorite football players all year. All of this start with the first home game of a new season on Saturday, March 12, at United Stadium in Chiang Rai.
Mr. Miti Tiyapairat, Chairman of Chiangrai United Football Club, said “It’s Chiangrai United FC’s pleasure to thank dtac for recognizing Chiang Rai people. Partnership with dtac allows our fans to use dtac Super 4G effectively in the stadium. Chiangrai United FC brings all spirits of Chiang Rai people together. We are ready to show that our football players, fans, and management team are professionals. We also support the benefits on local economy and tourism for Chiang Rai and other Northern provinces.