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dtac makes positive progress with CAT to use 1800 MHz Upper Band to service additional 4G

      March 3, 2016 - Total Access Communication PLC. or dtac is on negotiation process with CAT Telecom PLC. in using the 1800 MHz on the existing unused 20MHz to operate 4G for the best benefit of the customers and to supply the soaring demand of mobile internet usage.
      dtac is in the process of negotiating with CAT Telecom PLC. to go forward to operate this bandwidth. The negotiation reflected on the positive outcome and the conclusion is expected soon on the usage of the 1800 MHz bandwidth to expand 4G service, to generate revenue to CAT and dtac will have more bandwidth to operate 4G according to our plan. CAT will then seek approval from NBTC requesting the upgrade on 4G service.